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Join the strategic cybersecurity force of the future.

Cybersecurity, MS

Join the strategic cybersecurity force of the future.

Hackers have been around since the dawn of digitization. If you have valuable data, someone out there wants to exploit it—which is why cybersecurity is a field that is continuously growing and evolving.

Pace University’s Master of Science in Cybersecurity will train you for the tech workforce of the future, where you can join a growing set of highly skilled cyber warriors that serve and protect people and their data. The program offers three tracks of completion: a cohort-based track at Pace University’s Westchester Campus, where students meet monthly for intensive class sessions and complete coursework online, and a more traditional class structure at our New York City Campus, where classes are taken weekly in person or online. You can also complete the MS in Cybersecurity in a 100% online format.

With a master’s degree in cybersecurity, you will be in the perfect position to join the ranks of security professionals who work to defend individuals, businesses, government, and not-for-profit organizations from hackers, phishing scams, data theft, and more.