Facade of One Pace Plaza in NYC

Student Mail Services

New York City

The New York City campus has a student mail room located within each residence hall ensuring direct access to their mail and packages. If you are expecting a package or letter please adhere to the following procedures in order to retrieve your items:

  1. When your package is delivered, you’ll receive an email notification with a one-time access QR or 6-digit code.
  2. You will then go to the smart locker kiosk and enter your code on the touch screen pad along with your signature.
  3. The locker containing your package should then pop open for retrieval. Once completed, please be sure to gently close the locker door and click “Exit” on the touchscreen.

The student mail rooms sort and distribute packages through the use of our smart locker system. The smart lockers allow students to pick up stored packages at their convenience 24 hours a day. When a package is delivered to a locker, the student will receive notification to their Pace email address containing a 6-digit or QR code. This code will need to be entered at the locker kiosk in order to retrieve the package. Packages not retrieved after 48 hours will be transferred to the student mail room. Items held in the student mail room are only accessible during hours of operation.


The Pleasantville campus has one student mailroom that functions as the main location for all residents. Once packages are received, an automated notification is sent out to the recipient providing details on how and where to pick up their items.

Packages stored in the student mailroom can only be retrieved during hours of operation. If your package has been delivered and you cannot retrieve it during the designated time, you can request to have it placed within a locker.

Requests can be made by calling (914) 597-8811 or emailing jpascetta@pace.edu. Once your item is placed in the locker, you will receive an email detailing the necessary steps for retrieval.