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Welcome to Mail Services, please explore and see how we might be able to assist you. Our mission is to provide the Pace community with high-quality and efficient service to enhance the on campus experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • All students who receive letter mail or packages will receive notification through email indicating that they have received a letter from the post office. For more information, please review the "Student Mail Services" page, which is located on the left hand navigation menu.

  • Please allow 48 hours after you’ve received vendor delivery notification for the university to receive, process and deliver your item. Some carriers update their tracking information to “delivered” before the actual arrival of the item to the university. If after 48 hours you still have not received notification from Mail Services, please contact your building’s Student Mail Coordinator or send an email to univmailservices@pace.edu specifying the issue. Be sure to include your name, residence hall and tracking number. Allow 24-48 hours for someone to respond to your inquiry.

  • Unfortunately, we are closed on the weekends and holidays. All deliveries will be received and processed on the following business day.

  • Currently, the university mail services does not sell stamps or any other postal supplies. Please continue to visit our webpage for any future updates. In the meantime, feel free to ask any mailroom coordinator for the nearest post office location.

  • Yes. The item must have a prepaid label attached and can be dropped off at any mailroom.

  • All packages arriving to the university for non-residents will be returned to sender. Under special circumstances, please notify the building’s Student Mail Coordinator or email University Mail Services for further assistance.

  • Please email us to confirm delivery of your package to the university. Once confirmed, to have a package redirected, a pre-paid shipping label will need to be created from USPS.com (Click and Ship) or UPS.com. After the pre-paid shipping label is purchased, please forward it as an attachment to univmailservices@pace.edu. Be sure to include your name, residence hall and tracking number from the original package.

  • Unfortunately, we can only release packages and/or letter mail to the person that it is addressed to. In the event of extenuating circumstances, please contact University Mail Services for further assistance. You may also contact Paul Smith, Director of University Mail Services, at (914) 773-3866 or psmith4@pace.edu.

  • The Interoffice shuttles are operated by the university’s Transportation department. Please refer to the Transportation Department for information on arrival & departure times of shuttle services to & from other Pace campuses.