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Energy and Resilience Updates

Energy & Resilience Updates

Recently, Pace University has received publicity regarding our Energy Strategy which ensures that we conserve energy by eliminating wasteful behavior, decreases energy consumption by strategically replacing our energy intensive infrastructure and generates revenue to be reinvested into Sustainability Projects on our campuses. The US Department of Energy issued a case study regarding our Coordinated Energy Management Strategy and Smart Energy Decisions decided to publicize this achievement as well. While we are still progressing and look forward to ultimately reaching our goal of becoming a Net Zero University by 2040 (and a 50% reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2030). Our program to date has achieved:

  • A 24% reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Building Energy Use
  • An 18% reduction in Energy Consumption
  • Saving Millions of Dollars on Utility Expenses
  • Greenhouse Gas Savings Equivalent of Planting over 350,000 trees
  • Generating Revenue and Strengthening our Electric Grid through Demand Response Participation
    • Revenue is allocated to Sustainability Projects

Please read more about our Energy Conservation Program and our 2024 US Department of Energy Better Project Award: