Front entrance of the Kessel Student Center

Centralized Waste

To reduce waste, increase recycling, and decrease costs, the University will implement a centralized trash collection program on all campuses, effective Monday, August 28. Many other colleges and universities have successfully implemented this shift.

Cleaning staff will no longer remove trash or recycling from individual offices or classrooms. Centrally located trash and recycling bins will be placed in strategic locations in all buildings, marked with proper signage. Upon request, we will provide faculty and staff with trays for collecting paper during the day, which they must then bring to the central recycling bins.

This shift to a centralized program will improve the separation of waste and greatly reduce the usage of plastic bin liners while helping the University to track waste management data and meet our sustainability goals. It also provides the opportunity to increase composting at Pace—organic waste bins will be provided in cafeterias on all three campuses.

For more information or for faculty and staff to request a paper collection tray, please email Facilities.