Front entrance of the Kessel Student Center

Facility Operations

We are charged with the upkeep of the University’s Physical Plant, some of the services that we provide include:


  • Floor/ceiling tile replacement
  • Mounting of shelves, blackboards and bulletin boards
  • Exterior and interior door maintenance/repair
  • Glass replacement
  • Fixed seating repair/replacement
  • Minor sheetrock repairs


  • Maintain power distribution systems
  • Repair motor controls, electric heating and hot water systems
  • Maintain emergency power systems
  • Maintain/repair classroom and office lighting
  • Maintain/repair outdoor building and parking lot lighting


  • Turf maintenance and repair
  • Pavement/parking lot maintenance
  • Tree and shrub planting, pruning and removal
  • Exterior litter pickup
  • Snow and ice removal on roads, walks and parking lots
  • Setups for outdoor special events
  • Trash pickup


  • Inspect/repair sidewalks, curbing and roadways
  • Inspect/maintain building exteriors
  • Repair masonry walls, ceilings and floors

Mechanical Repair

  • Maintain/repair air handling fan systems, pumps, air compressors and associated rotating equipment
  • Lubricate/repair electrical motors
  • Perform preventive/predictive maintenance on all rotating equipment


  • Repaint public space (as needed)
  • Repainting of departmental space (on a limited basis)


  • Maintain potable water systems
  • Maintain faucets, toilets and showers
  • Maintain campus water supply and sewage disposal system
  • Maintain emergency shower and eye wash stations
  • Repair steam heating piping systems


  • Administer the University recycling program

Refrigeration Air Conditioning

  • Maintain chillers and chilled water air conditioning systems
  • Maintain fan coil units, motor, controls and valves
  • Service package air conditioning units
  • Service rooftop air conditioning systems
  • Repair walk-in coolers, freezers, ice machines and refrigerated drinking fountains

Building Envelope

  • Respond to water infiltration problems
  • Repair/replace roofing systems (as needed)
  • Maintain building facades
  • Coordinate Cyclical Façade Inspections

Fire/Life Safety

  • Maintain and test all interior fire alarm systems
  • Maintain and test all fire sprinkler, standpipe and fire pump systems
  • Coordinate all required inspections and reports