Front entrance of the Kessel Student Center

In Your Office

Please use the blue desk side container to collect your paper recyclables (white paper, colored paper, newspaper, magazines, books, cardboard) When your blue desk side container is full it is your responsibility to empty it in one of the recycling stations located in each building. The containers are clearly marked for co-mingles (metal, glass and plastic), paper and trash. If you are missing a blue recycle container or can’t locate a recycle station, contact us at If you sometimes enjoy a bottle of water or soda at your desk please dispose of the container at one of the recycling stations.

If you are purging files in your office and have a large amount of recyclables please request a large portable recycle toter at Helpdesk we will be happy to provide you with a large wheeled recycling container until your project is complete.

In Your Classroom

Please take any recyclables and trash that you may generate during class and deposit it in the appropriate container in one of the recycling stations conveniently located in the corridors of each of the academic buildings as well as office areas, meeting spaces, public assembly, dining halls etc.

In Your Residence Hall

In each of the residence halls, recycling bins are available in the general trash/ recycling rooms. Residents should empty their recyclables in the proper container.

What to Recycle

Paper Receptacle

White Paper, Colored paper, Newspapers, Magazines, Books, Cardboard. Please do not recycle plastic wrapped cardboard.

Metal, Glass, Plastic

All beverage containers, food jars and cans (only if rinsed out). Please do not recycle aluminum pans, foil wrap and takeout food containers, oil or paint cans.

If you are unsure about anything in the recycle program please contact us at