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Beginning of Semester Checklist

Prior to the first day of class we recommend you use the checklist below to prepare your Blackboard course sites. You want to ensure your

  • Copy content from a previous course:
    • Submit a help desk ticket for assistance from Academic Technology to copy your previous course into your new course shell or you can copy the older course yourself:
      • Start in the older course and click on “Packages and Utilities” followed by “Course Copy”
      • Click the Browse button next to Destination Course and locate your new course shell
      • Select the areas you wish to copy and click submit. You will receive an email when the copying process is completed.
  • If you don’t have content in a previous course shell you can learn how to upload content.
  • Create assignments and assessments within Blackboard.
  • Update and upload your syllabus for the current semester.
  • Update any course dates on the materials within the Blackboard site. You will also want to delete any empty areas within your Blackboard course shell.
  • Be sure to let the students know about any synchronous meetings and whether you will be using Zoom or Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.
  • Prepare announcements () and discussion board forums for at least the first week.
  • Review all gradable items – make sure the questions, instructions points, etc. of all tests, assignments, discussions etc. are all correct.
  • Update your faculty information – It is important that the students know how to reach you and what your availability is in case they have issues with the course.
  • Set up your Grade Center – the Grade Center allows students to keep track of their progress throughout the semester so they know exactly where they stand. You can learn more about grading in Blackboard.
  • Send the students a welcoming email before the semester begins reminding them of any textbooks they need to purchase and any synchronous meeting dates/times for which they need to plan.
  • Create a welcome video introducing yourself and the class to the students. Here are some instructions to create a video using Kaltura.

For further assistance with Blackboard please contact

For technical assistance please contact

For help with instructional design please contact