Students and Professor using technology to enable learning.

LinkedIn Learning, formerly known as, provides a vast online library of instructional videos covering the latest software, creative and business skills. Taught by accomplished teachers and recognized industry experts, LinkedIn Learning is a high-quality resource for students, faculty and staff looking to develop skills in Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, project management, social media and a wide range of other topics.

In 2015, LinkedIn acquired and subsequently began working with existing clients to migrate their accounts and content into its own LinkedIn Learning platform. In late August 2019, all accounts and content for Pace University members were automatically migrated over to the new LinkedIn Learning platform. The new service will deliver the same content through an enhanced new learning experience from the LinkedIn network, and clients will continue to experience the same high-quality content to which they have become accustomed.

Please note that if you had any pre-existing learning history saved in your account, you must log in to LinkedIn Learning by March of 2020 to keep that content. Otherwise, all saved history will be lost. Please see activation and login steps below.

Activation/Login Steps:

  • If you had any existing learning activity, playlists, or past history, in your account, you just need to log in to your new LinkedIn Learning account before March of 2020 to validate your account and retain all your content. Log into LinkedIn Learning (MyPace Portal username and password required). After logging in, at the top, click the Me dropdown and then review any migrated content saved under the My Learning section.
  • If you never logged in to or didn’t have any content saved or in progress, then there is nothing that you need to do. However, we invite you to log in and explore the thousands of videos and courses available to you in a variety of categories.

For additional information about LinkedIn Learning (or other topics), please visit our IT Self-Help Center and search available articles.


Students, Faculty and Staff

How To Get This Service

To access your Pace University LinkedIn Learning account, log in with your MyPace username and password.

Log In


For any inquiries, support requests, or to report an issue related to this service, please contact the ITS Help Desk. Support requests can also be submitted online at (MyPace Portal username and password required). Please use the Information Technology > Academic Tools > Other request type (Note: Clicking this link will pre-populate the form after you log in).

Contact the ITS Help Desk

Phone: (914) 773-3333
Toll Free: 1 (855) 722-3487

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What Are Some Relevant Linkedin Learning Courses?

  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Drupal
  • iPhone & iPad Essentials
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Switching from Windows to Mac

How Can Linkedin Learning Support Me?

  • Keeps you current on technology
  • Tracks your individual training progress
  • Inspires you to be more effective and productive
  • Lets you learn at your own pace—anytime, anywhere
  • Supplements curricula and teaches technical skills outside of class
  • Provides certificates of completion you can post on LinkedIn
  • Offers personal and professional development

How Can I Get The Most Out Of Linkedin Learning?

  • Set aside time every week for online training
  • Visit LinkedIn Learning regularly for a listing of new and updated courses
  • Watch the welcome video of a course to check out its training content
  • Use bookmarks to indicate favorite videos or courses
  • Create and share course playlists
  • Download exercise files and practice applying knowledge as you go

Get The Linkedin Learning App

You can also access LinkedIn Learning from your Apple or Android mobile device. See below for instructions.


  • Download and install the LinkedIn Learning app from the Apple Store
  • Open the app and click on "Sign in with your organization portal"
  • Enter "" and click on "Sign in with your organization portal"
  • Click Continue
  • Log in with your MyPace username and password


  • Download and install the LinkedIn Learning app from the Google Play Store
  • Open the app and click on "Sign in with your organization portal"
  • Enter "" and click on "Sign in with your organization portal"
  • Click Continue
  • Log in with your MyPace username and password