Pace nursing student speaking with a patient

Pace Pillars

The pillars of the Pace University College of Health Professions include Evidence Based Practice, Cultural Competence, and Primary Health Care. These pillars are consistent with the goals of palliative care.

  • Evidence-Based Practice: the process of shared decision making between practitioner, patient, and others significant to them based on research evidence, the patient’s experiences and preferences, clinical expertise or know-how, and other available robust sources of information (SOURCE)
  • Cultural Competence: “multidimensional learning process that integrates transcultural nursing skills in all three dimensions of learning (cognitive, practical, and affective), involves transcultural self-efficacy (confidence) as a major influencing factor, and aims to achieve culturally congruent nursing care.” (SOURCE)
  • Primary Health Care: a philosophical approach to health care intended to promote improved health outcomes, primary health care looks beyond primary care and through the collaboration of health professionals, community members, and others working in multiple sectors to emphasize health promotion, development of healthy policies, and prevention of diseases for all people. (SOURCE)

The following resources provide more information about how clinicians can provide care that remains true to these pillars.

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