Pace University staff member answering a phone call.


Completed Core Projects

Operational Calendar (100%)

A centralized cross functional operations calendar that now enables more proactive communications with students and colleagues.

Graduation Application (100%)

Transitioned the student graduation application from the help desk ticketing system to the integrated Banner system

PLUS Loan Application Process (100%)

Shifted from internal process to Department of Education (ED) application to provide real time credit decisions to students and families

TDClient (100%)

Automated federal file transmissions between the University and US Department of Education

IT infrastructure (100%)

Reinstalled licensed Banner tools Workflow and Banner Communications (BCM) modules to streamline workflow processes and communications

The Banner/Ecosystem Environment Tech Review (100%)

A comprehensive technical analysis of the University's Banner ERP environment

Drop for Non-Payment (DNP)

  • Shifted the initial drop for non-payment to six weeks earlier than in previous years in alignment with the tuition deadline
  • Better positions students for success – settled in third week of semester
  • Better management of classroom and housing resources
  • Earlier census date
  • Revised forms for Spring 24’

Degreeworks Expansion (100%) Phase I

  • Platform enhancements facilitate self-guided navigation of curricular requirements leading to a more student-centered and efficient academic experience.
  • Enables real-time degree audits allowing students, advisors and faculty to see degree requirements to assist with advising and registration

Mass Registration (100%)

This process reduces manual labor for employees and helps students and their families estimate their cost of attendance before registering for actual courses via bill generation.

Repackaging Population Identification (100%)

Identified populations of students who need their financial aid packages reviewed after receiving their initial offer and evaluates which populations can be processed via automation.

25 Live Optimization (100%)

The project introduces tools to enhance classroom utilization by considering room capacities, instructor preferences, and course types. It also led to recommendations from the Academic Scheduling team to streamline the scheduling process and minimize schedule changes after student registration.

Cornerstone Progress

Requisites Implementation in DegreeWorks

  • Higher Education Best Practice: Requisite enforcement at registration ensures students meet course prerequisites before enrolling.
  • Project Expansion: The initiative now includes all academic departments, with a comprehensive update of requisites.
  • Utilizing Technology: Degree Works and Banner are used for requisite enforcement, guiding students to complete necessary coursework for future success and blocking registration for those who don't meet prerequisites.
  • Reduced Workload: The automated system decreases the manual effort required by academic departments to verify student preparedness.

Cornerstone Progress

Course Program of Study - CPoS (83%)

Reviewing data, verifying configuration, and confirming programs scribed over the summer to continue the automation (ED regulation)

Curriculum Tools (32%)

  • Leverage technology to support documentation and archiving of curriculum for catalog and administrative processes
  • Decentralized curricular decisions supported by centralized administration of processing
    • True shared governance and responsibility
  • The course catalog timeline revised to precede course registration
    • Proactive updates to corresponding systems (integrations)
    • Students receive more accurate information

Core Project Progress

Waitlisting (85%)

Seidenberg will pilot this project during the Fall 2024 registration period, using Banner's waitlisting feature to manage demand for full courses. This system notifies students in real-time via automated emails when space opens up in a waitlisted course. Additionally, waitlists offer academic departments valuable data on course demand, assisting in future planning.

Transfer Credits (50%)

Academic Leadership holding meetings with department chairs to discuss initiatives that accelerate faculty-led transfer evaluations, streamlining the process for students transferring credits. They are also working with dual-chair departments to create a unified decision-making process.

Student Billing (85%)

The billing project has reached a significant milestone, successfully enabling direct bill printing from Banner with the desired formatting for Student Accounts and displaying these bills in Banner Self Service for students. This development, along with Banner's proxy management, allows students to grant bill viewing and payment permissions to parents and other support resources.

Leave of Absence (91%)

The project updates Pace's Leave of Absence policy and standardizes the processing of different leave types, utilizing Banner Workflow for automatic updates to student records. This will particularly benefit students requesting a Medical Leave of Absence, as they will no longer need to submit confidential medical records. The automation is expected to significantly speed up the processing time for all leave types.

Veterans Benefits (75%)

Veteran Services will streamline its operations by automating the creation of contracts in Banner using formulas, reducing human error and saving time, while consolidating student data into a dashboard for efficient entry into the Veteran Affairs CRM system. Additionally, benefits are now applied to student accounts sooner, which also integrates meal plan and health insurance waivers, reducing paperwork and missed deadlines.

Sub-Projects in Progress

  • Student Billing
  • Registration Appeals
  • Waitlisting
  • Automic Scheduler
  • CPOS Implementation
  • Data Warehouse
  • External Scholarship Automation
  • Federal Work Study
  • NY State Aid and SAP Certification
  • Change of Major & Minor Automation
  • Curriculum Tool
  • Medical Leave of Absence
  • Requisite Implementation
  • Summer R2T4
  • Third-Party Sponsorship Workflow
  • Transfer Practices
  • Veteran's Benefits Processes
  • Slate Data Flows