Entrance to One Pace Plaza


Who We Are

For more than 100 years, Pace has been an institution dedicated to creating opportunities for students by enabling social mobility, prosperity, and growth through education.

We celebrate our historic and long leadership in bringing together a unique combination of liberal arts, professional preparation, and experiential learning that is designed to enable our graduates to develop creative, effective solutions to the challenges of our changing society.

Experiential learning is at the core of what we do. It encompasses the learning both in and outside of our classrooms and involves students in original research, community engagement, internships, practical learning, problem solving, and building their professional skills and networks.

Our promise is to be at the forefront of creating opportunity. Through the convergence of strong academics, experiential learning, and customized plans we empower our students and positively impact our communities.

The Case for Change

The higher education environment is rapidly evolving. The number of traditional college-age undergraduates will shrink over the next decade. There is unequal access to education and increased skepticism of its value. The nature of work and employment is changing. The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified and accelerated these changes and concerns.​

Despite the challenges, the need for an educated citizenry has never been greater. Pandemic-related disruptions to in-person education has demonstrated the demand for a vibrant, comprehensive university that uplifts people, connects them deeply, and prepares them to make a positive impact on their communities. Pace Forward will build on our advantages and prepare the University to meet the challenges of the future.​

Competitive Advantage: Individual Attention + Professional Preparation

Pace is uniquely positioned because of our proven success in helping students achieve their career goals, our customized approach to learning, and our location and network of graduates.

  • Outcomes
    Pace is the number one private US college for upward economic mobility. We have exceptional placement, with placement rates exceeding the national average for students employed or continuing their education. This proven track record is due to our student-centered approached to learning.​
  • Approach
    Our programs offer customized, student-focused paths, a rigorous and relevant liberal arts curriculum, and expertise in experiential learning. We have small class sizes that give our students the opportunities to learn from scholars who are also committed to teaching and mentoring students. We have attentive advising and career services and a network of alumni to connect with.
  • Location
    Our network includes our strong and long-standing connections to businesses, service providers, organizations, local and state government, and other entities in the New York metropolitan region, including our consultative status with the United Nations.