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Payment Portal

Select the correct user type below to be directed to the proper login webpage. Once logged into the Student Payment Portal or Authorized User Portal click on My Account (the top left menu option). Available selections/views are:

  • Account Activity: a real-time account activity information
  • Payment History: a report of previous payments made
  • Consents and Agreements: a history of all consents and agreements on record

Student Payment Portal

Log in using your Pace credentials (username and password). This is restricted for student access only.

Student Login

Authorized User (Parents, Guardian, Other Designee) Payment Portal

By law, direct access to student billing information must be authorized by the student for parent, guardian, and/or employer access. Students can grant authorization through their payment portal account. Students can grant authorized users by selecting the Authorized Users link in their Payment Portal account. For questions about the payment process or system, contact us at (877) 672-1830 (toll-free), (212) 346-1930 (toll), or

Parents or designated family members can also access student information via The Pace University Parent and Family Experience, our comprehensive parent and family platform. To access student information through The Pace University Parent and Family Experience as a parent or designated family member, start by creating a new account or logging into your existing account. Once you have accessed your Pace University Parent and Family Experience account you can request that your student grant access to their records. Simply select the graduation cap from the menu. From there, you can Connect to Your Student. This will generate a request that will be sent to your student’s Pace email. You will receive access once your student receives the email request and authorizes permission.

Understanding FERPA Management: A Guide for Parents & Families

Authorized User Login