Students walking near the Kessel Student Center, on the Pace University campus in Pleasantville, NY

Student Engagement Services

Office Hours

Student Engagement’s regular office hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Our webpage contains content that may help you and can be visited anytime.

Mail Services

Outgoing mail may be dropped off at Student Engagement. Bring your mail in properly addressed envelopes and correct postage with your organization’s name on the envelope in case any pieces of mail are returned.

Fax Use

Student organizations can use the fax machine in Student Engagement for business purposes.

Requesting Email for your Organization

Your organization’s address gives members and potential recruits an easy to remember address to use when communicating with you and your organization. To obtain an email, send a request to studentengagementplv@pace.eduwith: Name of your organization, name and contact information of your advisor, email address name you would like (e.g.,, your name, position, and contact information plus your advisor’s contact information.

  • Note: Emails sent from the organization email account will be saved in the “Sent Items” folder under the organization mailbox. Any replies to emails sent from the organization email account will be directed back to the organization’s mailbox and not to your own student email account.

Flush Flash

The Flush Flash is a weekly events document posted in all the bathroom stalls across campus. This document is also posted on the Student Engagement website each week. The Flush Flash includes information on activities hosted by student organizations, academic departments, and administrative departments throughout campus. It also contains information on local events, University announcements, and helpful deadline reminders. Submit your content for inclusion on the weekly Flush Flash (must be submitted at least one week prior to date of event).

Leadership and Organization Development Workshops

The staff within Student Engagement will help design and/or provide leadership development workshops to support your organization’s development needs. Workshop topics might include time management, communication, ethics, goal setting, vision creation, teamwork, teambuilding activities, and much more. Email Student Engagement Pleasantville for assistance.


SetterSync (Pleasantville Campus), is an organization management software that assists our recognized student organizations and University administration communicate more efficiently and effectively thus improving performance on the Pleasantville campus. For students, SetterSync is a great way to stay connected with peers, find out what’s happening around campus and begin your research in joining one of our 55+ student organizations.

  • Note: SetterSync is a required resource for all recognized student organizations, and grants students’ access to online applications and polls.

GO MOBILE with the CORQ App

Download today on the Google and Apple app stores. CORQ is your go-to campus engagement app! You can browse and join clubs and organizations, view and RSVP to upcoming events, and download your campus event pass which is used to check you in at all events!

Training Opportunities

For training and support, please email Student Engagement or contact one of the staff members.