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Program Planning–Risk Management and Policies

Risk Management at Student Events

Why is risk management important?

Risk management is a topic that truly means "finding ways to safely run our events". There is risk in everything we do, but it is how we manage the risks that counts. Some events are simply too risky to host (legal obligations, state/local/federal laws, University policy), but we can often lower the risk of an event to make it safe to host the event.

Refer to our Risk Management Planning Guide when planning your programs.

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Prizes and Gift Cards: request, approval, purchase and distribution

Student organizations are eligible to offer prizes during a student organization activity upon obtaining budget approval. It is the responsibility of the student organization to provide Student Engagement with the name, address, and phone number of the recipient of the gift, prize, or award no later than 24 hours after the event occurs. Gifts, or values of gifts, may not exceed $100 per individual.

All gifts, prizes, and awards are sent electronically to ensure proper and timely delivery. Email your prize winners to

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Raffle Guidelines

If you plan on conducting a raffle as part of a student organization campus event you are required to meet with the Director of Student Engagement, at minimum, four weeks prior to your raffle. There is required paperwork that we must complete together that is in accordance with New York State Law.

  • NOTE: Organizations who fail to complete the required raffle license follow-up paperwork will not be approved for raffles for at least two full semesters after the raffle event.
  • View additional information about raffles in New York State (PDF).

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Gambling is not permitted on University premises or at any event sponsored by a student group or organization.

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Demonstrations and Rallies

Pace University believes that members or groups within the Pace community have the right to express their views on a particular issue or cause. We refer to these programs as Civil Discourse, and you must obtain prior approval before hosting so as to not interfere with the operation of the institution. View our policy on Demonstrations and Rallies.

Please complete the application if you would like to apply to host a Civil Discourse program or event.

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Posting / Chalking Policy

When posting an advertisement for an event or campus offering, please read all the information regarding our campus.

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Noise Policy: Use of Outdoor Music/Speakers

Events that include the use of loudspeakers, music, and other equipment that result in increased sound levels will need to adjust their level of sound if they disrupt classes or other areas of academic and residential interest. If a complaint is issued, the organization must modify their sound levels to the request of the complainant. The organization(s) must comply or lose outdoor music/speaker privileges for a time period determined by Student Engagement professional staff.

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Party Policy

Currently, in an abundance of safety relative to COVID-19, Student Engagement will not be permitting dance parties on campus due to the nature of these types of programs and the increase risk to attendees.

The Center for Student Engagement in conjunction with Safety and Security Office require all students to adhere to the party policy.

  1. All Student Engagement approved late night functions allowing the general public to attend are to be held on Friday or Saturday evening from 10:00 p.m.–2:00 a.m. (No exceptions).
  2. Student Organizations wishing to host a party on campus must submit a Party Request Form via SetterSync in conjunction with the Student Government Association guidelines for submission and approval. All sponsoring organizations are to have a program planning meeting in advance of any financial requests to discuss the scope of the event.
  3. This policy has been updated to properly accommodate the new space provided for party use in the Willcox Multipurpose Room. Parties will now be limited to a maximum guest count of 250. Of that 250, a max of 75 can be outside guests of the community and each Pace student is now limited to 1 guest.
  4. The organization sponsoring the party is expected to arrive no later than 1 hour before the party begins. Student Engagement staff and security will arrive one hour prior to the party for setup.
  5. There is no re-entry of students or guests once their ID is scanned for the party.
  6. All guests must be registered, in advance, to attend. It is the responsibility of the Pace students to escort their guest and be with them at all times throughout the event.
  7. Student Engagement will have staff to support you at the party. However, note it is the responsibility of the organization(s) to work the check-in table throughout the event.
  8. The doors will close no later than 1:00 a.m. or 60 minutes before the end of the party, whichever is earlier. No one will be permitted to enter once the doors are “closed”.

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Consumption Contests

Due to the health and safety concerns associated with eating contests (food or liquid), these types of competitions are not supported by Pace University. This includes any contest or competition where speed or volume consumption of food/beverage is the objective. This type of activity does not reflect environmental and socially responsible behaviors as it contributes to wasteful use of food and creates hazards associated with asphyxiation.

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