Students walking near the Kessel Student Center, on the Pace University campus in Pleasantville, NY

Student Organization Conduct

Judicial Process

This section outlines the judicial process as it is related to the operations of a student organization. Some incidents may result in the judicial process pertaining to individuals from an organization, address violations by an entire organization, or a mixture of both.

  1. The Center for Student Engagement’s philosophy of student organization conduct is based on a commitment to providing an educational environment where students, faculty, and staff are safe, property is secure, and the individual rights of all persons are respected.
  2. Pace University’s Guiding Principles of Conduct, which outline student behavior, provide Student Engagement with the responsibility to govern its own expectations of student behavior. These expectations are in regards to the regulation of operational procedures and policies related to Student Engagement in addition to how it relates to the operations of the University.
  3. Student Engagement intends the judicial process to be a learning experience resulting in the growth and personal understanding of for students and organizations. We will strive to ensure our conduct process is timely and efficient, while providing a fair party hearing for each particular case. Student Engagement will seek to involve all stakeholders in the process, when deemed necessary, which could include campus advisors, alumni advisors, and national organizations.

There is no substitute for fairness, objectivity, and good judgment. The success of students and organizations is contingent upon the conviction of the University community and its members to maintain a nurturing, academic environment while affording students personal freedom within institutional guidelines.

All details on the student disciplinary process can be found here.