Veteran standing in front of 1 Pace Plaza in NYC.

Enrollment Certification

Enrollment certifications are processed by the Veteran Services Team after student veterans, military service members or dependents submit the Veterans Request for Enrollment Certification (VREC) online form. The VREC form must be submitted each and every semester you wish to use VA educational benefits.

After the Veteran Services Team has submitted your enrollment certification to the Department of Veteran Affairs, benefit recipients will receive email notifications from Veteran Services as well as the VA. There is no set timeframe for the Department of Veteran Affairs to process your enrollment certification and the certifications are handled in the order they are received by the VA. To ensure the fastest total benefit processing by the VA, to include book stipend and monthly housing allowance, please submit your VREC online form as soon as your semester course schedule is finalized.

Pace Certification Timelines

  • Fall Semester: begins mid-July
  • Spring Semester: begins early December
  • Summer 1 Semester: begins early March
  • Summer 2 Semester: begins early April

Changes to Enrollment

If you change your enrollment in any way after your original Veterans Request for Enrollment Certification form for the semester has been processed by the Veteran Services Team, you are required to submit a revised VREC form as soon as you drop or withdrawal from courses in your initial registration. Please consult your academic advisor before changing your semester enrollment.

Failure to submit a revised VREC form may result in an adjustment to your enrollment with the Department of Veterans Affairs, and may cause a debt owed by you to Pace and/or the Department of Veterans Affairs.

For questions regarding your Education Benefit payments, please contact the VA Education Call Center at 1 (888) 442-4551. Pace University does not have access to your payment information.