Veteran standing in front of 1 Pace Plaza in NYC.

Current Students

At Pace University we know you are busy. Our self service page allows you to browse for important information, fill out and submit forms online, and read through our FAQ.


  • At Pace, we seek to offer as many resources for students as possible.

    Some of the academic resources available to you are:

    Academic Adviser Resources
    Students can utilize their academic advisor as a starting point for advice, problem resolution, and most importantly, staying on track for graduation. Each student has access to professional advisors for their school, as well as a faculty advisor for their program. If you are unsure of who your advisor is, please find them by school in the A-Z Index.

    Career Services
    Career Services advising is available to all students at Pace University. They are here to help students with resumes, finding internships and job placement. Students who are seeking opportunities should contact Career Services to find out when the next information session is!

    The libraries at Pace are here to help students excel in their studies, from providing a quiet workspace or a computer to knowledgeable librarians who can assist with research. Each campus has it's own library with access to online journals, inter-library loan, and extended hours.

    Tutoring at Pace
    Tutoring is an important part of being a student, and at Pace, we encourage every student to utilize the Tutoring Center for assistance with their classes. With flexible scheduling and peer-tutoring, the Tutoring Center seeks to enhance your academic experience so that you can achieve your goals at Pace.

    Writing Center at Pace
    The Writing Center is available to students who need help with any aspect of writing, from grammar and spelling to formatting. This is a judgment-free space for students to take advantage of professional writing assistance.

    First Year Programming
    The Office of First Year Programming can help new students decide on a path and direct them to special resources for first-year students.

  • Please click on your branch to be redirected to the branch homepage for branch-specific questions and resources.

  • The Federal Government offers the services listed below to make further education for veterans an easy and inexpensive option. Please utilize this information to ensure that you have the best experience with higher education possible.

    G.I. Bill
    A link to the complete G.I. Bill. Here you can find specific verbiage, rules and regulations.

    Basic Allowance for Housing
    Did you know that your Basic Allowance for Housing may be used to pay for on-campus housing? Please see your campus Liaison to find out how!

    Home Loan Opportunities for Veterans
    If you are a Veteran who is looking to purchase a home, please utilize this link for more information on guaranteed loans.

    VA Administration
    The VA is available to help students with anything from transition assistance to medical care. If you have questions about a benefit, please contact the VA Administration.

    Department of Defense
    The Department of Defense website houses pertinent information regarding up-to-date military news.

    Overview of Veterans Healthcare
    If you have questions about your health care benefits, you can use this link to get some answers.

    Disability Services and Resources
    Disability services and resources provided by your local VA Administration and Hospitals

    Disability Compensation Information
    If you have a disability and are concerned about compensation, please get more information here.

    Federal Mental Health Services
    Go here for questions about mental health services.

  • New York State offers additional resources for Veterans, including VA and VA Hospital locations.

    New York State Resources
    A link to New York State based assistance including advocacy and VA hospital resources.

    New York State Resources - Division of Military and Naval Affairs
    Resources for various National Guard constituencies.

    VA Locations - New York City/Metro New York Area
    NYC and NJ area VA locations

    VA Hospital Locations - New York City and Westchester
    NYC and Westchester VA locations

  • If you are not a New York State resident, please utilize the information below to ensure that you understand your benefits as processed by your home state.

    Veterans Benefits by State -
    Information directly from the VA regarding benefits by home state

    Transition Assistance by State
    Assistance available to all branches of the military that will help with transitioning from active duty to civilian life.

Pace University Resources

At Pace University, we strive to create a service-oriented environment that promotes ease of access to both information, services and staff.

Please utilize the information below, and do not hesitate to contact your campus Veterans Affairs Liaison with any questions or concerns.

If you have questions or concerns regarding your certification status, please feel free to email us at or call us at (877) 672-1830 (toll-free), or (212) 346-1930 (toll). Thank you so much for your inquiry. We look forward to assisting you.

Veteran Services
Veteran Services houses most student-centered information and resources. Here, you can find Forms for Certification, information on Understanding your Awards and Benefits, and FAQ. Veteran Services offers friendly service to ensure that you maintain your enrollment and receive the benefits that you are entitled to.

Office of Financial Aid
The Office of Financial Aid processes the Awards and Benefits listed under the Office of the Registrar link. You can also find information on FAFSA, and some helpful Contacts, who will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have about your aid and how it is processed.

Tuition Insurance
Tuition Insurance is available to all students to protect their investment in their education. It is intended to be utilized by students who may be forced to withdraw for medical reasons.

Military Credit Evaluations
Military Credit Evaluations are done by The Office of Degree Audit using your Official Military Transcripts. Please submit these at the time of application.

Counseling at Pace is available to all Pace students. Students are encouraged to utilize the Counseling Center for any reason, including personal, educational, vocational, alcohol and drug counseling and psychological assessment. They work in conjunction with many VA Hospitals in the area to provide a full range of services.

Disability Services
Disability Services is housed within the Counseling Center at Pace, and they can write accommodations for students with disabilities. Please do not hesitate to contact them for assistance.

Housing at Pace is available to all students. For further information on New York City Housing please see Housing Policies Frequently Asked Questions. Visit the Westchester Housing website.

Academic Resources
Academic Resources, including information on Advising, Tutoring, Writing Center assistance, the Libraries at Pace, First Year Programming and Career Services can be found here. These supplemental services are available to all Pace students, and we hope that you will utilize them on your academic journey.

Student Veterans of America (Veterans Student Association at Pace)
Student Veterans of America (Veterans Student Association at Pace) is a student association dedicated to meeting the needs of the Veteran Student population at Pace. These veteran students meet to discuss events, challenges and successes at Pace, and work to affect change.

Helpful Individuals
Helpful Individuals around the University: a listing of other staff who can assist Veterans with questions or concerns.

Dean for Students
The Dean for Students is responsible for many areas of student life including residential life, multicultural affairs, student development, campus activities, wellness programs, and counseling services (including services for students with disabilities). Students can make appointments to discuss personal, emotional or academic issues.

Health Insurance
As a Pace University student, you are entitled to University Healthcare Insurance. However, if you wish to utilize your VA Health Insurance Benefits, please waive the Pace Insurance coverage. Information about how to waive this insurance can be found here.

Army ROTC/Air Force ROTC
Non-veteran students may wish to defer some of their education costs by utilizing ROTC scholarships and grants (conditions apply).