Professor Scharff working with students.

Academic Portfolio Workshop

Twice a year, the Faculty Center sponsors the Academic Portfolio Workshop (APW). The APW is open to full-time faculty (clinical, tenure-track, or tenured) who seek to develop their dossiers for mid-tenure, clinical promotion, or tenure/promotion review. This 4-day intensive workshop is designed to support your development of your portfolio’s (a) Executive Summary and (b) Statement for any ONE of the three portfolio areas: teaching, scholarship and service.

The January 2023 APW will be on January 10–13 via Zoom.

During the APW, participants are paired with a mentor who will be assigned. The mentor will review multiple drafts and revisions of the Executive Summary and the Statement you have chosen to work on within a short span of time. Please note that the first drafts of your statement and executive summary are due before the workshop begins on December 20, 2022 to allow the mentor time to review your material and provide you feedback on the first day of the workshop.

To get the most benefit, please apply to the workshop only if you are able to make the substantial work and time commitment required, a minimum of 20 hours.

Apply for the Academic Portfolio Workshop by Tuesday November 22.

Since this workshop allows a limited number of participants, not all applications may be accepted. You will be notified whether you have been registered for the workshop or placed on the waiting list. If you have already registered, you do not need to register again. Emails with confirmation will be sent out soon.

Please email Ally Kimmel with any questions or if you are not sure if it’s too early or too late to attend.