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Summer is coming! Did you want to get some writing projects done? Is there an article, manuscript or book chapter that needs to be worked on? Maybe a grant application?
Introducing the Write Club! This initiative looks to provide a dedicated time and space for those looking to write.  
Video Conference (for June 25 and 27th only) between Midtown Campus Room 819 & Pleasantville Campus Buchsbaum Rm 101 (white house near Goldstein Academic Center).
  • Tuesday, June 25th
  • Thursday, June 27th

All other dates will be held both on the Midtown Campus Room 802 and Pleasantville Campus Buchsbaum Rm 101 (white house near Goldstein Academic Center) but willnot be by video conference:

  • Tuesday, July 9th
  • Thursday, July 11th
  • Tuesday, July 16th
  • Thursday, July 18th

Writing sessions will take place from 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM each date. 

Please note that the rooms will be available 1 hour before and 1 hour after for conversation.

All participants will be asked to adhere to the "rules" of Write Club:

The First Rule of Write Club - You Do Not Talk during Write Club. You Write. Publications, Grants or Dossier. 

The Second Rule of Write Club - You Do Not Talk during Write Club. VC rooms available one hour before and after if you want to talk. 9-10am and 12-1pm. 

The Third Rule of Write Club - No Phones. No email. 

The Fourth Rule of Write Club - If you are asked to do something during the time set for Write Club, Say No.

The Fifth Rule of Write Club - Call Your Shot. State what you intend to write. 

The Sixth Rule of Write Club - Check In.  What Did You Write?