Group of students walking out of a residential hall on the NYC campus.

PaceSafe Mobile App

PaceSafe is the official safety app of Pace University. It is the only app that integrates with Pace University's safety and security systems. Safety and Security has worked to develop a unique app that provides students, faculty, and staff with added safety on the Pace University campus. The app will send you important safety alerts and provide instant access to campus safety resources.

Download Instructions

Pace Safe is available for download for all iPhone and Android devices. Just search for 'Pace Safe' in the iTunes or GooglePlay stores on your mobile devices.


  • Friend Walk
    Send your location to a friend, who can watch you walk home in real-time.
  • Incident Reporting
    Multiple ways to report a safety/security concern directly to Pace University Safety and Security.
  • Events and Training
    Stay up-to-date on all emergency preparedness and safety trainings and events.
  • Safety Notifications
    Receive instant notifications and instructions from campus Safety and Security when on-campus emergencies occur.
  • COVID-19 Self-Assessment
    Complete your daily symptom self-assessment right from the app!
  • Campus Safety Resources
    Access all important safety resources in one convenient app.
  • Emergency Procedures
    Learn what to do in case of an emergency.
  • Campus Maps
    View maps for all Pace campuses, as well as evacuation maps with emergency assembly areas.
  • Emergency Contacts
    Contact the correct services for the Pace University area in case of an emergency or a non-emergency concern.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can someone not affiliated with Pace University download the app?
You must be a Pace University student, staff, or faculty member in order to download and log into the app. You will only have to log in once, the first time you download the app. Your username and password are the same that you use for any Pace University system.

How much does it cost to download the app?
The app is available to download for free.

Who can see my incident report?
After submitting an incident report for your specific campus, it is sent to the Pace University security coordinators at that respective campus.

How will I be contacted after I submit my incident report?
A Pace University security coordinator will contact you back within 24-48hrs after you submit the report. They will contact you either by phone or email. If you have a preference for how they should contact you, please write it in the incident description field.

How do I receive safety notifications on the app?
In order to receive safety notifications on the app, you must allow the app to send you push notifications. If you don't allow this at your initial downloading of the app, you can always change your preferences to allow push notifications. On your mobile phone, go to Settings > Notifications > Pace Safe > Allow Notifications.

How will I know if safety notifications are working?
While you can always check your phone settings to check if you have allowed notifications, Pace University performs a routine test of the emergency notification system one time per semester (two times per year). Whenever an emergency notification is sent through the Pace Alert system, a push notification will also go through to the PaceSafe app. It is during these tests that you can confirm whether your safety notifications on the app are working.