Group of students walking out of a residential hall on the NYC campus.

If you see smoke or fire, immediately activate the nearest fire alarm system. Call 911 once you have safely evacuated, and then call Security at:

  • New York City: (212)-346-1800
  • Pleasantville: (914) 773-3400
  • Haub Law: (914) 422-4300

We are committed to creating and maintaining the most fire-safe and emergency-ready environment for the University community, visitors, and the public through compliance with the Fire Code of New York State, Life Safety Codes, and University Policies. Fire safety is the responsibility of all those within the Pace University community.

The Department of Emergency Management and Environmental Health and Safety develops fire safety programs and works closely with students, staff, and faculty to train them about fire safety. Preventive activities held by the Department of Emergency Management and Environmental Health and Safety include fire prevention training for University personnel, conducting fire and evacuation drills, testing of fire detection and protection equipment, providing educational programs, evaluating materials, and establishing guidelines for fire-safe materials.

Evacuation Procedures

The University’s evacuation plan is known as R.A.C.E. (PDF), which stands for:

  • RESCUE/REMOVE person (s) from the immediate area or room who may be in danger.
  • ALERT/ACTIVATE pull the nearest fire alarm, and call 911 to explain the location of the fire.
  • CONFINE the fire and smoke by closing all doors as you evacuate.
  • EXTINGUISH a small, manageable fire by using a fire extinguisher.

Campus/Building Specific Evacuation Procedures

New York City Evacuation Procedures

Westchester Evacuation Procedures