Table set up for an event.

Policies and Procedures

External Event Program

The Office of University Special Events is responsible for strategically managing university events each year that reach thousands of perspective students, alumni, donors, legislators and friends as well as the Pace Community. These events, both large and small, help the University market itself to a broad audience. The Office of University Special Events enhances both the stature of the University and quality of life on campus through the production and management of event programs such as commencement exercises, presidential events, enrollment management events, community outreach events, and intimate stewardship events, catering to the University’s key constituents-students, faculty, staff, alumni and benefactors.

Through these events, both internal and external relationships are built, enhancing the quality of student education and campus life while balancing the University’s educational responsibilities with its commitment to cultural, social and economic development of the local community of which it is a part.

Pace has always had a student-centered focus and is committed to providing access to those who range widely in age, ethnicity, socio-economic background and academic preparation. Use of the University’s facilities by outside groups is secondary to our commitment to our students, faculty and staff. The Special Events department is charged with processing all inquiries from outside groups. Interested groups may email Kristen Vinciguerra, Associate Director of University Special events or call (914) 923-2667.

"Outside Groups” are separately constituted organizations that are not found within the organizational chart of the college. “Outside Activity” is activity that is not initiated or funded by an existing department of the college.

Criteria for accommodating outside groups

Pace University will evaluate requests for outside activity based on the following criteria:

  • Compatibility with the College mission
  • Potential for economic enhancement
  • Potential for positive (national) media exposure
  • Recognition/background of the entity wishing to rent our facilities
  • Opportunity to support alumni and friends
  • Development of community relations
  • Support of related college departmental activity

The University will consider accommodating requests based on the criteria above, but also with acute sensitivity to the potential of interfering with academic and extra-curricular activity, the size of the group and the location and length of the meeting.

The University does not rent facilities for fundraising activity.

Requirements of Outside Groups

The following are requirements of outside groups:

  • Provide an explicit description of the nature of the proposed event, expected participants, and all other logistical needs of the event submitted in writing to the Associate Director.
  • A Facility Use Agreement, which will be provided by Pace University, must be signed and fully executed prior to the event date. All negotiated fees, charges and payment terms are included in the final executed agreement.
  • A Certificate of Insurance listing Pace University as additionally insured, as outlined in the Facility Use Agreement, must be provided prior to the event date.