Table set up for an event.

Co-Sponsored Event Information

Pace University's co-sponsored events must promote enrollment, advance academic programs, cultivate potential donors, and/or enhance brand identity. Additionally, Pace University faculty, staff and/or students should be involved in presenting content and/or participate as attendees.

Determining the benefit of a co-sponsored event and approval is conducted through Pace University's co-sponsor event application process. Review by departmental VP or school/college dean, along with respective budget/finance representative, is necessary for final approval to proceed with planning and executing the event.

Applicants must submit a 25Live request, receive confirmation of space availability and confirm space usage fees with Special Events prior to completing the application process. The 25Live record confirmation number, along with space usage fee estimate is required to complete the application. The 25live space reservation will remain in a tentative state until the co-sponsored event has been approved by departmental VP or school/college dean and budget/finance representative.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Pace University school/college, division, or department representative is responsible for the following:

  • Coordinating event details and logistics with the third-party organization.
  • Event contract creation, third-party signature, and Pace University legal approval process via the Total Contract Manager system, along with obtaining certification of insurance, tax exempt certification, etc. from third-party organization.
  • Coordination of space reservation and service group direction (Ed Media, set-up, catering) with Special Events.
  • On-site management day of event.

Special Events New York, Pleasantville and Haub Law School will support the Pace University school/college, division, or department representative based on campus event location, throughout the application process and event planning process of the co-sponsored event. This includes:

  • Creating budget estimates for Ed Media, Chartwells, Facilities and Security services.
  • Coordinating lead-up and day of event logistics for services by Ed Media, Chartwells, Facilities and Security.
  • Final third-party billing submission to Accounts Payable.

Co-Sponsored Event Space Usage Fees

Effective July 1, 2023, the waiving of space usage fees will no longer be an option for co-sponsored events. Space usage fees, discounted at 70% for co-sponsored events, must be paid for by the third-party organization or Pace University school/college, division, or department.

On-line application is forthcoming. Please contact Special Events to discuss next steps.

Co-Sponsored Event Check List

  1. Determine if your event meets Co-Sponsored event requirements
  2. Submit a 25Live request to reserve your space.
  3. Email your Special Events scheduler to get room usage pricing. Once your event has been assigned, the scheduler’s information will be indicated on your event and/or you will receive an email from the Special Events scheduler including what room(s) have been reserved. Email the Special Events scheduler and request the cost of the room usage for your event.
  4. Complete the Co-Sponsor Application. On-line application is forthcoming. Please contact Special Events to discuss next steps.
  5. Follow up for your VP/Dean’s approval, approximately one week later, if approval email is not received.
  6. Contact your Special Events scheduler once the event is approved if they have not been in touch with you. The scheduler will advise you of the next steps that you need to take to hold your event.
  7. Create a Co-Sponsor contract via Total Contract Manager for third party signature and obtain a certificate of insurance from third party organization as outlined in the Co-Sponsor contract.

Questions? Please contact your Special Events scheduler.