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2019–2021 Strategic Planning Process: Our Way Forward


Pace University’s strategic planning process is a data-driven approach that involves engagement with stakeholders across the University.

Analyses, including reports from BCG, as well as prior year's annual reports can be found in the Strategic Plan Process library. (Login with Pace credentials is required.)

Please see Community Engagement for dates of upcoming Community Conversations and Management Council meetings.

April 2021

There is a considerable amount of work being done by the Steering Committee, the Initiative Teams, the Faculty via faculty-led Town Halls, and within the schools/colleges as they develop their academic plans. 

Academic Plans

The schools/colleges are developing their academic plans including strategic vision/mission, areas of differentiation, program innovations, and overall academic plans. This work is ongoing within each school/college. 

There are seven Initiative Teams

Budget and Reporting

The team has been evaluating the RCM revenue and cost allocation model and developing a going-forward recommendation to be used to evaluate the financial performance of each school/college. The teams’ work is being socialized with faculty councils and among the Deans, Operations Committee and finance teams. Chaired by Angelica Ferreira and Kaustav Sen.

Team Members: Matt Aiello-Lammens (Faculty, Dyson), Vince Barella (Faculty, Lubin), Adam Boyd (Staff, Finance), Jane Ciampi (Staff, Finance), Clarissa Cylich (Staff, Dyson), Barbara Farrell (Faculty, Lubin), Angelica Ferrerira (Staff, Finance), Iuliana Ismailescu (Faculty, Lubin), Pat Ketterer (Staff, CHP), Cathy Pagano (Staff, Provost’s Office), Kaustav Sen (Faculty, Lubin), Michelle Simon (Faculty, Haub)


The team is developing recommendations for a going-forward structure and operational plan for multidisciplinary programs. Chaired by Nira Herrmann and Cathy Dwyer.

Team Members: Charlotte Becket (Dyson Dean’s Office), Avrom Caplan (Staff, Provost’s Office), Christine Clayton (Faculty, SOE), Cathy Dwyer (Faculty, Seidenberg), Susan Ford-Goldshein (Staff, Admissions), Jill Gross (Faculty, Haub), Nira Herrmann (Staff, Provost’s Office), Andrea Sonenberg (Faculty, CHP), Jun Yuan (Faculty, Seidenberg)

Campus Identity

The team will develop language and concepts around how we define the Pace experience. This will be an aspirational focus to align our community toward our vision and brand. Chaired by Jean Gallagher and Luke Cantarella.

Team Members: Mary Baglivo (Staff, UR), Mark Brown (Staff, Athletics), Luke Cantarella (Faculty, Dyson), Kathleen Chambard (Staff, EM), Michael Cordova (Staff, Student Affairs), Emilio Fernandez (Faculty, Dyson), Steven Feyl (Staff, Library), Leila Franchi (Staff, UR), Adam Klein (Faculty, Dyson), Meghana Nayak (Faculty, Dyson), Alerie Tirsch (Staff, Student Affairs), Emily Waldman (Faculty, Haub), Kathy Winsted (Faculty, Lubin)

Pace Path

The team will develop the operational plan for ensuring the Pace Path is an effective program for every undergraduate student across the university. Chaired by John Meletiadis and Heather Novak.

Team Members: Isaac Ashraf Vaghefi (Faculty, CHP), Mimi Fortune (Staff, Student Affairs), Stephanie Hsu (Faculty, Dyson), Maria Iacullo-Bird (Staff, Research), Paul Kurnit (Faculty, Lubin), John Meletiadis (Staff, Provost’s Office), Peter McDermott (Faculty, SOE), Heather Novak (Staff, Dyson), Natalie Stepanian (Faculty, CHP)

Overhead Efficiencies

The team will develop a prioritization of process improvements that need to be addressed to ensure that Pace is operating in the most effective and efficient manner possible. Chaired by Jean Gallagher.

Team Members: Paul Dampier (Staff, ITS), Chris Elarde (Staff, ITS), Wei Fang (Faculty, Dyson), Matt Aiello-Lammens (Faculty, Dyson), Nilam Kotadia (Staff, Student Affairs), Kelley Kreitz (Faculty, Dyson), Nancy Reagin (Faculty, Dyson), Matt Renna (Staff, HR), Robina Schepp (Staff, EM), Michelle Simon (Faculty, Haub), Jim Szel (Staff, Facilities), Nicole Thompson-Williams (Staff, Finance and Administration)

Success Metrics

The team will develop a list of key success metrics and a reporting methodology and structure to ensure we are meeting the strategic plan objectives. Chaired by Jean Gallagher.

Team Members:  Mary Baglivo (Staff, UR), Kelley Kreitz (Faculty, Dyson), Joshua Mendelsohn (Faculty, CHP), Robina Schepp (Staff, EM)


The team is evaluating opportunities to partner with other institutions to advance our academic goals. Chaired by Jean Gallagher.

Team Membership: Bob Almon (Staff, Finance), Lauren Birney (Faculty, SOE), Andrew Coggins (Faculty, Lubin), Jonathan Hill (Dean, Seidenberg), Lori Kanner (Staff, Haub), Marvin Krislov (President), Gary Laermer (Staff, Development), Miguel Mostiero (Faculty, Seidenberg), Shawn O'riley (Staff, PESP), Jessica Tosto (Faculty, CHP)

Re-Imagining Our Vision

Led by the faculty, the Pace community have been engaged in a discussion and re-thinking of our vision. This vision will be foundational to defining the strategic priorities. The emerging vision and innovations in teaching are available on the Sharepoint site. 


The Strategic Planning Process is governed by four groups. View the committee membership.

The Executive Working Group of the Steering Committee ensures that Steering Committee work is aligned with university priorities and is the liaison to the Board of Trustees Special Committee.

The Transformation Management Office (TMO) is charged with defining, maintaining, and govern the transformation process, supporting the Initiative Teams as they execute against plans (including providing tools and templates), monitoring progress against metrics and milestones, and providing a framework to ensure decisions aren't made before they are properly vetted.

Initiative Teams will be formed for key aspects of the strategic plan. The initiative teams provide input to objectives, scope, and timing of work, detailed work plans, report progress to the TMO and advise on significant change management challenges.