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Academic Areas of Opportunity

The faculty and academic leadership of each school/college created detailed plans to develop innovative curriculum that builds on the strategic priorities and provides the best experience possible for our students. With the guidance of the Strategic Planning Steering Committee we have identified four areas of opportunity where we can invest in student success, grow revenue, and enhance our reputation.

These areas of opportunity incorporate the strengths of each school/college and build on our competitive advantage. Program development will emphasize multi-disciplinary and accelerated degree programs, and certificates and badging to provide flexibility and life-long learning for our students.

Technology and Business

Technology and Business will capitalize on Pace’s founding as a business school, leverage our location in the New York City region, and build on new (Fall 2021) graduate program offerings in tech and data analytics. Our focus will be on educating students to use the tools available to us from business, technology, and related fields to be creative problem solvers in their fields.

Health, Wellness, and Sciences

Health, Wellness, and Sciences builds on our strength of programs in the health professions and the diversity of our student body in health and science disciplines. Our programs in psychology, biomedicine, and health professions, equip students to understand and promote health equity, to address wellness in our society, and to develop health solutions for the future. Our programs and initiatives are attentive to mental health, disability studies, trauma, and resilience.

Sustainability and Justice

Sustainability and Justice leverages our #1 ranking in environmental law, and strong programs in law, criminal justice, and environmental sciences and policy. We will build on emerging interest in ESG and the intersection of climate change with social justice issues.

Arts, Humanities, and Media

Arts, Humanities, and Media leverages our national reputation in performing arts and capitalizes on strong enrollment in film and screen studies and communications. Our programs bring together performing arts, fine arts, humanities, and arts and entertainment management to offer leading interdisciplinary programs that prepare creative leaders in the arts, digital humanities, media, cultural institutions, and many related fields.