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Third-Party Billing, Sponsored Billing

How It Works

If your tuition is being paid for by a third party or sponsoring company, you’ll need to provide us with written authorization for payment of tuition and/or fees on the organization’s letterhead.

Your sponsor can submit the proof of sponsorship letter online using the Sponsored Billing Document Submission form.

Checklist of what your third-party sponsor should include in the letter:

  • Your name
  • Your ID number
  • Semester(s)/academic year covered
  • Number of credits or course work covered
  • Dollar or percentage limit of tuition and/or fees, if applicable
  • Sponsoring company’s name, billing address, contact person, email address, and telephone number
  • Financial guarantee signed by authorized company individual

Once we receive the authorization and you have registered for courses, your account will be credited conditionally for the amount guaranteed by your sponsor in the form of an anticipated 3rd party credit. The credit does not reflect realized payment but will remain on the account as a credit to prevent late fees or penalties.

If you are submitting a voucher, the dates listed on the voucher must match your enrollment or fall within the start and end dates of the semester. Pace University cannot send a bill to your sponsor if the voucher information does not match your records.

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The billing process begins when we receive your financial guarantee or authorization.

Third-party billing statements are emailed directly to the sponsor following the add-drop period for your program to limit changes that could impact the amount due.

Your sponsor will see your name, a breakdown of charges by type, the dollar amounts, and the number of academic credits attempted that term.

You will not be able to review or sign the billing statement before it is sent to the sponsor by Pace.

Statements are sent in U.S. dollars. Please note only checks or wire transfers are acceptable forms of payment. Pace University does not accept credit card payments for sponsored billing.

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Third Party Billing Schedule

    • Billing Date: June 5, 2023
    • Payment Due Date: June 26, 2023
    • Final Bill Sent: July 17, 2023
    • Removal of Billed Credit: August 7, 2023
    • Billing Date: July 20, 2023
    • Payment Due Date: August 10, 2023
    • Final Bill Sent: August 31, 2023
    • Removal of Billed Credit: September 21, 2023
    • Billing Date: September 20, 2023
    • Payment Due Date: October 11, 2023
    • Final Bill Sent: November 1, 2023
    • Removal of Billed Credit: November 22, 2023
    • Billing Date: December 15, 2023
    • Payment Due Date: January 5, 2024
    • Final Bill Sent: January 26, 2024
    • Removal of Billed Credit: February 16, 2024
    • Billing Date: February 7, 2024
    • Payment Due Date: February 28, 2024
    • Final Bill Sent: March 20, 2024
    • Removal of Billed Credit: April 10, 2024
    • Billing Date: June 5, 2024
    • Payment Due Date: June 26, 2024
    • Final Bill Sent: July 17, 2024
    • Removal of Billed Credit: August 7, 2024
    • Billing Date: July 22, 2024
    • Payment Due Date: August 12, 2024
    • Final Bill Sent: September 3, 2024
    • Removal of Billed Credit: September 24, 2024

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Checks with relevant invoices attached can be mailed to:

Pace University
Payment Processing Center
861 Bedford Road
Pleasantville, NY 10570

You and Your Sponsor’s Responsibilities

Keep these important elements of third-party billing in mind, so you and your sponsor can navigate the process successfully:

  • While we can accept authorizations or financial guarantee letters after the final bill date for the term and will then invoice an organization, we will not apply an anticipated 3rd party credit to the student account. Once payment is actually received then the student account will be credited.
  • If you withdraw before the end of a semester, your sponsor will still be billed. Please reference the university’s withdrawal & tuition cancellation policies to learn more.
  • If we do not receive payment from your third party before the Removal of the Billed Credit Date for the semester, you will be responsible for the unpaid amount. You will receive a notice and a financial hold will be placed on your account.

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Reimbursed By Your Employer?

Students who pay Pace University first and are subsequently reimbursed by their employers do not fall under third-party, sponsored billing. Students who receive reimbursement upon submission of grades or completion of sponsor terms must adhere to the University's established payment due dates. Please review our payment plan options, including a deferred payment plan for employer reimbursements.

Deferred Payment Plan Requirements
Students who are deferring because they are expecting reimbursement from their employer or sponsor must complete and submit a Deferred Payment Plan application with supporting documents, i.e., authorization letter on company letterhead.

Supporting authorization from the employer or sponsor must show:

  • a current date
  • include the student's name and Pace University ID#
  • amount of tuition (and fees, if applicable) to be covered by the employer or sponsor
  • the employer's or sponsor's address and contact information
  • the specific terms or payment (upon receipt or grades or upon registration)

If Pace University can submit an invoice to the employer or sponsor upon registration and payment is not contingent upon receipt of grades, then please refer to our Sponsored Billing process above.

If you have any questions please email, call the Student Accounts Office at (877) 672-1830, or schedule an appointment through Qless.

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