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General Requirements for Student Organizations

Registration/Renewal Process for Student Organizations

The registration and renewal process occurs once every fall semester for registered student organizations via SetterSync. This process includes updating your officers, organization roster, the advisor agreement, and more. These are mandatory areas of compliance to stay recognized as student organizations and are upheld by Center for Student Engagement personnel in collaboration with the Student Government Association Executive Board.

  • All student organizations are required to comply with all of Pace's policies, rules, and procedures in this handbook, the guiding principles, the student handbook and the Guide to Residential Living; in addition to local, state, and federal law.

Student Engagement supports mid-year transitions as well; please be sure to update all the below information on SetterSync.

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Officers are defined as all presidents, vice presidents, senators, secretaries, treasurers and others as defined by a student organization constitution. For student media organizations, this includes all editorial and managerial positions. Any student holding an elected or appointed office must have the following:

  • Cumulative Quality Point Average (C.Q.P.A.) of 2.5 or better must be maintained by an undergraduate student holding an office or as stated in your organization's constitution. Students who fall below the minimum C.Q.P.A. will be asked to resign from their positions.
  • Students who are elected or appointed to an office must be officially registered as a full-time student for the semesters during their term of office. It is not recommended that students hold the same officer position for more than two years consecutively.
  • A full-time faculty/staff member of the University may not hold an elected or appointed position.

*Note regarding new student organizations and officer GPA:

First-year students without a University GPA can still start an organization. However, if a returning student with a GPA under 2.5 (officer requirement) is on a new organization’s roster, that person cannot serve in the officer position of the new organization until their GPA is at the approved level.

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Training Requirements

  • To ensure the continual development of Pace University Pleasantville students and their organizations, Student Engagement is committed to providing training that addresses the knowledge of policies, instills best practices for organization operations, and provides students with opportunities to grow. Student organizations and their members that cannot or do not attend this required training will be responsible for make-up materials, as deemed appropriate by a professional staff member in Student Engagement.
  • Fall Training: All recognized student organizations are required to participate in a fall training. Content covers leadership and skill development. Five (5) student organization officers are required to attend. Three (3) of these officers must be the President, Treasurer, and Secretary. The fourth (4) and fifth (5) officers should include:
    • Vice-President (if applicable)
    • Any officer(s) overseeing event planning, marketing and/or social media
  • Spring Semester Transition Training: All recognized student organizations, excluding fraternities and sororities, are required to participate in this training which will take place in early April. Participants must include incoming President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Senator. The participants will experience discussion of e-board positions and goal setting. All five student organization officers are required to attend.

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Programming Requirements

Student Organizations are encouraged to program throughout the academic year. All student organizations must comply with the rules and regulations relevant to campus programming noted in Programming Requirements section of this handbook.

The following types of student organizations are required to program. All other types of recognized student organizations are NOT required, but are encouraged.

  • SGA Funded and Permanent Organizations: required, two programs per semester
  • Social Fraternities and Sororities: required, two programs per semester

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End of Semester Report

Each organization will complete an End of Semester Report on SetterSync. This report will help identify areas of improvement to increase the quality of advising that Student Engagement provides to organizations and advisors. This will also provide Student Engagement with insight for the Blue and Golds Campus Community Awards Ceremony, future training needs, goal-planning, etc.

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Transition Month and Elections

Most of our student organizations transition their leadership in the spring semester. Therefore, we recognize March as Transition Month for student organizations. During this time, student organizations hold their officer elections. Student organizations are required to complete their election process by the date Student Engagement sets in March, which can change based on when Spring Break takes place. Updated roster forms should be updated via the SetterSync portal. Newly elected officers will be contacted right after the submitting deadline with information regarding the Transition Training.

  • Please note: Student Engagement supports midyear elections as well. Should this be noted in your Constitution, please note that updates are due within one week thereafter elections have occurred, and your new officers are still required to attend fall and spring trainings.

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Role modeling and mentoring are two very important modes of helping people learn. The advisor helps the student take full advantage of co-curricular learning and serves as a role model and mentor for members of student organizations. Visit the Student Organization Advisors webpage for advising expectations and resources.

An advisor must be a full-time employee of Pace University Pleasantville. exceptions made at the discretion of Center for Student Engagement.

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