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Learn How to Manage Construction Projects for Maximum Profit Potential

The construction industry involves a wide array of skill-based projects and Pace University has the experienced instructors and construction management courses to prepare you to be the right person for the job.

Our innovative construction project management certification program provides the construction-orientated professional with the practical knowledge and expertise in project management, blueprint reading, project cost estimation, project scheduling, the fundamentals of construction contract law, and managing key business concepts in the field of construction. We will teach you hands-on construction management skills to get you noticed by the right employer.

The Pace Advantage

Taught by instructors with years of project management, construction, architecture and management experience in major public and private facilities in the New York City area, these classes combine hands-on skills with key business concepts. Mirroring the explosive growth of construction projects in the New York area, Pace’s construction management classes fill up quickly with professionals who share their valuable experiences with their classmates by learning highly marketable and useful skills.

Construction Management Classes

The field of construction management is heterogeneous and enormously complex. There are several major classifications of construction that differ markedly from each other: housing, nonresidential building, heavy, highway, utility, and industrial projects. Such projects involve much time and expense, and close management control of them is required if they are to be completed within the established time and cost limitations. A construction manager is in charge of the overall planning and control of a project; this demands a command of many skills. The Construction Project Management Certificate program is designed to provide you with the knowledge of the regulatory, insurance, management, safety, estimating, and environmental aspects of the construction management industry.

Project success and contractor profitability commence with accurate estimates. The construction project estimator is one of the most important people in the contractor’s organization. In this innovative course, you will become acquainted with building construction, cost estimating, and hands-on experience in cost estimate preparation.

Master the fundamental knowledge of construction management and building systems. Explore contractual relationships, legal roles and responsibilities, and contract types and address issues of contract law, legal issues, and insurance. The course will focus on disputes that typically arise in project performance and the options that exist to resolve potential liabilities that typically arise in residential and commercial construction disputes. Contract dispute resolution including negotiations, alternative dispute resolution, and litigation of disputes will be studied.

This introductory course provides a base level of knowledge in the reading and understanding of architectural and construction blueprints. This course is intended for true beginners, as it will provide a thorough exploration of the basic concepts required to read and understand construction drawings. Concepts and theories covered by this course will include, but are not limited to: orthographic projection; plans, elevations, sections, and details; symbols, line, dimensions, and notations; architectural and engineering scales; architectural, construction, and engineering drawings. 

This class builds upon previously –developed skills in blueprint reading. Great for individuals who have completed the Intro to Blueprint Reading or for construction professionals who have a basic understanding of reading construction drawings, this 21-hour class will cover a selection of intermediate drawings including residential housing, office buildings and warehouse. Fundamental methods and materials will be briefly covered.

This class is designed as a cumulative course for individuals who have taken the Introductions and Intermediate Blueprint Reading courses. This 24 hour course will dive deeper into blueprint reading and cover more advanced and complicated construction drawings. Students will learn about different building materials as well as learn to read advanced construction drawings.