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Brand Standards

Why Branding Matters

Great brands create a culture, one in which people recognize themselves and gain a sense of belonging to something bigger.

Specifically, a brand is:

  • A promise that creates an expectation we must deliver on.
  • A claim of distinction.
  • Unchanging. Over time, products, services, and offerings will come and go, but the essence of the brand remains constant.
  • The focal point that defines how we deliver value and effectively embodies our mission.
  • The Pace brand is a reflection of who we are. Everything we do and say, from marketing materials to social posts to personal interactions, creates an impression of Pace’s energy, spirit, and character.

As brand ambassadors, it’s up to us to present a unified front in the form of a cohesive and consistent brand message.

Incorporating the brand strategy and messaging platform into all communications to all audiences, across all channels, will enhance the impact of our communication and marketing efforts. Whether it’s attracting new students, engaging current students, or motivating alumni and donors, it’s up to each of us to embrace these guidelines to realize the success of our branding.

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Wordmarks and Brand Assets

Visit the University Relations Sharepoint site to download wordmarks, PowerPoint templates, social media assets, Zoom backgrounds, and more. Remember, you need your Pace University credentials to access this material.

Editorial Style

One of the essential components to effective written communication is a universal editorial style. Pace University’s editorial style is what gives Pace a cohesive and uniform voice across the entirety of the Pace brand—from brochures to bumper stickers and from websites to formal invitations. This guide addresses common style and spelling issues, word usage, and approved abbreviations and punctuation style.

Pace University follows The Chicago Manual of Style and Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary. Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of English Usage provides authoritative answers on grammar and word usage.

Social Media Style

Social media is a constantly evolving channel of communication that provides many opportunities to connect with people in ways no other medium can. With a good game plan and creative approach, having a presence in social media can prove to be invaluable. Pace University’s social media style guide will ensure your social content is presented clearly, effectively, and succinctly.