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Social Media Policy at Pace

Social media is a constantly evolving channel of communication that provides many opportunities for the University and members of the University Community, including students, faculty, staff, applicants for admissions and employment, visitors, guests, vendors and other third parties while they are on University premises or at University sponsored events. Social media enables connections with people in ways no other medium can. With a good game plan and creative approach, having a presence in social media can prove to be invaluable. The University seeks to foster a social media culture for its own social media communications that is:

  • Authentic: Pace University is committed to maintaining an authentic presence online. Authenticity builds credibility and reliability among our audiences while increasing the engagement value of our online communities;
  • Engaging: Provide content that promotes and encourages conversation, communication, interaction, and that will build loyalty among University audiences;
  • Service Oriented: Pace University recognizes social media as a channel for providing better service to our audiences. University accounts are held to the high standards of service. Those that manage University accounts are responsible for being timely and accurate when providing service to its constituents; and
  • Thoughtful: Individuals managing a University social media account are required to carefully consider the content of social media communications before posting.

All members of the University Community who engage in communication through social media are encouraged to respect others, their ideas, and discussions. Remain constructive and respectful when communicating and remember that content is not “private” and all users should be thoughtful in posting and sharing content.

Furthermore, regardless of whether they register their social media accounts as University “Affiliates,” all members of the Pace Community who communicate via social media are subject to the University’s policies and procedures, including but not limited to the following:

University employees must also comply with University confidentiality policies including those adopted in compliance with federal requirements such as FERPA, HIPAA, and NCAA regulations.

Members of the Pace Community who violate the University’s policies through the use of social media may be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the applicable policies and procedures of the University.

Registering Social Media Accounts to Become a “University Affiliate”

All Schools/Colleges within the University; departments; etc. must apply for a social account with the Office of University Relations to gain “Affiliate” status. The social media accounts of approved, registered Affiliates will be eligible to have their social media accounts and content promoted on the Official Pace University social media channels. By registering as a University Affiliate the managers of social media accounts agree to:

  • Maintain Culture: Maintain the social media culture of the University as described in Social Media Culture at Pace. Additionally, all affiliated University accounts must follow the branding guidelines set forth by the University, which include both visual and written style.
  • Post Responsibly: Affiliates agree not to post content that is threatening, obscene, a violation of intellectual property rights or privacy laws, or otherwise injurious or illegal. Users who post such content and/or who refuse to remove such content when requested by the University may be subject to revocation of their Affiliate status (in addition to possible disciplinary action in accordance with the University’s Guiding Principles of Conduct and/or the other applicable policies and procedures of the University).
  • Maintain Confidentiality: Respect the privacy and personal rights of others. Do not access or copy another user's electronic data, programs, or other files without permission. All members of the Pace Community using social media are responsible for maintaining and protecting confidential information (e.g., financial information, personal information about members of the Pace Community, etc.). For more information about confidentiality while using social media, please see the ITS Appropriate Use Policy.
  • Respect Copyright and Fair Use Laws: When posting, be mindful of the copyright and intellectual property rights of others and of the University. Unless you own the rights in the content, you may not reproduce, adapt, or communicate without the written permission of the copyright owner, nor use the content for commercial purposes. For guidance, consult University Relations. Direct questions about fair use or copyrighted material to University Counsel.
  • Clearly Distinguish Personal Opinion from University Approved Messages: All members of the University Community may not represent that their personal opinions as having been approved or endorsed by the University. Pace University’s name or marks may not be used to endorse any opinion, product, private business, cause, or political candidate. All Affiliated social media accounts are required to post the social media disclaimer on their social media properties.
  • Obey Terms of Service: Obey the Terms of Service of any social media platform used.
  • Monitor: It is the responsibility of those managing Affiliated accounts to monitor the use of their accounts to ensure compliance with this Policy.

University Monitoring of Social Media: Pace University monitors and tracks pages that identify themselves as being connected with the University (e.g., student clubs/orgs, Greek life, sports teams, administrative departments, colleges/schools, etc.), whether or not they have gone through the Affiliate registration process. Additionally, the University monitors hashtags and content associated with Pace University, including, but not limited to, #PaceU, #PaceUniversity, and #PaceGoGetters.

Cooperating with the Office of University Relations: Affiliate accounts will occasionally be asked to assist in promoting University events and distributing official Pace University communications. Account administrators must monitor their affiliated University accounts and respond in a timely manner to any comments/questions pertaining to or directed at the administrator’s department. Social media is a real-time event and timely responses are necessary.

Reporting Violations: To report any violations of the University’s Social Media Policy or the Guiding Principles of Conduct through the use of social media by members of the Pace Community, contact the Deans for Students. To report the use of social media by a member of the University Community in violation of the University’s Policy Against Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation (PDF), contact the Title IX Coordinator/Affirmative Action Officer. If you are planning to report a violation, please be sure to save a screen capture of the content before it is deleted.