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Summer Funded Internships

The Helene and Grant Wilson Center's Summer Funded Internship Program was launched in 2009 and funds up to 15 Pace University students in full-time summer internships with New York social enterprises and nonprofit organizations each year.

The goal of the internship is two-fold: To offer experiential learning and income for students interested in careers in the nonprofit sector, and to offer bright, highly motivated, mentored students in service for nonprofits. Internships must provide hands-on, substantive opportunities for students to make a meaningful contribution to the work of the organization.

Summer 2021 Internships

For eligibility, students must:

  • Be currently enrolled at Pace and graduating from Pace University, December 2021 or later
  • All majors welcome. International students are encouraged to apply.
  • Have an interest in human service and/or social enterprise.
  • Work full-time for eight weeks between May and September.
  • Make a 35 hours per week commitment: Total award $4,480 ($16.00/hr)

How Pace Students Can Apply:

Click on the internship links below to preview the internship descriptions listed on the Handshake website. Along with your resume, submit a thoughtfully written cover letter tailored to suit the internship you are applying for. Please refer to the Resume and Cover Letter Guidebook (PDF) for guidance. Application instructions vary by employer and are included in the internship description.

This summer we are excited to be partnering with 15 diverse and innovative nonprofit organizations to provide Pace students with funded internships and experiential learning opportunities. Check back soon to learn more about our recent interns and their summer experiences or scroll through past intern experiences, below.

Miranda Baldo
BBA, Marketing and Advertising, 2020
Host Organization: TADA! Youth Theatre
Job Title: Marketing and Fundraising Intern

Miranda was hired to support both the fundraising and marketing staff at TADA!. However, soon after Miranda started her internship, the head of Development and her direct supervisor, Allie, left the organization leaving a large void in an already small nonprofit. Most of Miranda’s internship focused marketing, mainly because of Allie’s departure and Miranda’s ability to step up and take ownership of TADA’s social media strategy. She planned and presented a summer social media strategy to showcase TADA!’s many programs and productions to her new supervisor Nina, the Artistic Director, oversaw content creation, scheduling, and posting on the organization’s social media platform. Most of her projects and day to day work was self-initiated and self-managed. Miranda attributes her extensive prior experience in the theatre arts, at the Theatre Development Fund for her success at TADA! Youth Theatre. After her Wilson Center funded internship is over, TADA is hiring Miranda to stay until the end of August, as a paid intern to continue to help the organization with their social media marketing strategy and content.

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Maryel Cardenas
BA, Political Science, Peace & Justice Studies, 2020
Host Organization: Wateraid
Job Title: Strategic Partnerships Intern

This is our second year partnering with WaterAid as a host organization. After a brief orientation on the mission and programs of WaterAid, Maryel’s summer project was to research a portfolio of potential donors for WaterAid. She created donor profiles and organized the content so as to be easily accessible and trackable for future use. Maryel’s research skills – from her coursework at Pace - were critical for her success in the internship and she is proud to know that her work will be helpful and have impact. Maryel has also been involved in donor engagement for example editing grants, helping with budgets etc., allowing her to see the full spectrum of development work. The internship is giving Maryel a well-rounded experience within an international nonprofit; Maryel and two other interns have had opportunities to shadow Emily, the Communication director, Jorge the CFO and the organization’s Director of Operations. Her supervisor is a supportive and thoughtful mentor who is helping Maryel develops as a professional in this experience as much as she contributes to Wateraid’s work.

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Melissa Correa
BBA, Global Marketing Management, 2020
Host Organization: Mindleaps
Job Title: Press and Marketing Intern

Melissa has coursework, campus/community involvement, and professional experience in social media marketing – making her an ideal candidate for this position. She spent the first two weeks immersed in Mindleaps dancer training, videoing and interviewing the trainees as they prepared to head out to the global communities as Mindleaps dance teachers. Her supervisor assigned her this project day 1, as a way to immerse Melissa in the Mindleaps mission and programs. The footage/interviews were edited over the course of the internship and used in marketing and outreach materials, on Mindleap’s website and for inclusion on social media platforms. Melissa developed and curated content for the organization’s social media platform, a task she was familiar with from her on campus job as a communication intern in Lubin. The consistency helped raise Mindleaps visibility and noticeable presence on their social media platforms. Her passion for impact work was palpable and showed in her work and work ethic. For Melissa this experience helped her understand what it means to work in a small nonprofit. Her summer experience at Mindleaps has led to interviews at Madison Square Garden, for a Corporate Social Responsibility internship in the Fall. “I’m so excited to have a career but also create impact!”

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Shea Donnelly
BA, Women’s and Gender Studies and Peace and Justice Studies, 2021
Host Organization: Pride Center of Staten Island
Job Title: Marketing Intern

The Pride Center of Staten Island (PCSI) is a first-time host in our Summer Funded Internship Program. Growing up, LGBTQ history was not mentioned or taught in Shea’s Orange County high school, anything she did know about LGBTQ history, she learned on her own. When she saw the job posting at PCSI, she applied, eager to participate in the Oral History Archive project. Shea was interested in both learning more about the history of the LGBTQ movement in Staten Island, and in participating in the preservation of the LGBTQ history of this local community. After an initial orientation from her supervisor, Shea identified and incorporated oral history best practices by learning from other similar projects, developed interview questions, interviewed more than 20 community members, learned how to use audio and video recording equipment, transcribed interviews and worked with other PCSI staff members to ensure representation from diverse voices within the local LGBTQ community. Shea also started on marketing materials for the launch of the Archives in October during LGBTQ history month. This somewhat self-managed, independent internship, with support from her supervisor resulted in substantive quality work which will be an ongoing part of PCSI’s legacy. In Fall 2019, Shea will be studying conflict resolution in Northern Ireland for the semester!

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Victoria David
BA, Communication Studies, 2021
Host Organization: 9/11 Tribute Museum
Job Title: Media Intern

The Wilson Center is excited to have another Lower Manhattan organization as part of our 2019 host organizations. On her first day, Victoria had a list of different media/marketing related projects that her supervisor had curated based on Victoria’s strong writing and content creation skills and the organization’s priorities. During onboarding, which included a general introduction and several tours of the museum for Victoria to get a sense of the “museum experience”, Victoria and her supervisor prioritized her project work, based on Victoria’s interests. Victoria’s three primary responsibilities were 1) writing a regular blog post for the artifacts spotlight section, telling an untold story about 9/11, 2) curating and organizing the museum’s educational toolkit, a depository of hundreds of lesson plans designed to help teach students about 9/11, submitted by teachers from around the United States, and 3) creating short summary descriptions of personal video stories submitted by members of the public about their 9/11 experiences. She worked regularly on #1 and #3, and during lulls in those projects, pivoted to #2. For Victoria, this was her first full-time paid professional work experience, and while she really enjoyed the projects and is passionate about the mission, the Monday to Friday full-time schedule was an adjustment initially. She recognized that the work she is doing matters, and this motivated her to work even harder towards her project goals.

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William Giuseffi
BA, Digital Cinema and Filmmaking, 2020
Host Organization: Arc Stages
Job Title: Arts Management Intern

When visited Arc Stages for a site visit on a hot summer day, I was greeted by a group of 10-12 years olds rehearsing in the hall way, and one of William’s supervisors, with a clipboard. This is a normal day at Arc Stages. William was helping with the 5-7 year olds making sock puppets. All activities for each age group are scheduled for 45 minutes, throughout the day with a break for lunch, so as to keep them engaged and also optimally manage limited space. William was a critical member of the Arc team for the summer, assigned to a few regular tasks such as managing the weekly e-newsletter, finding opportunities to film the various activities to create marketing and promo materials for Arc’s website and donor engagement etc, but was also a floater. William enjoyed being on the other side – helping with programs he had grown up with – and managed his time on defined projects but also enjoyed jumping wherever he was needed – be it helping with set production, ticket sales, script writing class, or as it turned out making sock puppets.

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Laurianne Gutierrez
BA, Political Science, 2021
Host Organization: Asian American Federation
Job Title: Research and Policy Intern

As a Filipino immigrant, Laurianne and her family’s story is largely why she is seeking to pursue a legal career in immigration and/or human rights. She was drawn to the host organization for the work that it does for her immigrant community. This internship was also a natural next step to build on her academic coursework, work with the Center for Community Action and Research (CCAR) at Pace, and strong interest in civic engagement. The first days of the internship were a bit overwhelming as this was Laurianne’s first professional internship, but she quickly adapted in the supportive environment that AAF provides for their interns to succeed. Most of her summer was spent analyzing, tracking and reporting, and along the way she observed and learnt best practices in community organizing and the lexicon of advocacy work. There was also a creative outlet in design work that she was able to help in with her CANVA skills. Laurianne enjoyed the immersive experience; it re-affirmed her commitment to pursue law school post-graduation.

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Christian Halstead
BA, Economics; Philosophy and Religious Studies, 2020
Host Organization: Creative Time
Job Title: External Affairs and Special Events Intern

Two years ago Christian launched a university journal focused on philosophy/critical theory, art house studies, and political engagement. This caught his supervisor’s eye when reviewing resumes, and finally hiring Christian. A lot of Christian’s internship was focused on planning and preparing for the organization’s fall Gala. This included helping the staff with donor cultivation, researching potential candidates for an inaugural social impact award, supporting event planning such as other public art shows and speaker events that Creative Time hosts. Through these experiences, Christian fully immersed in the cross section of social justice and art, reinforcing his interest in philosophy. He also has diverse skills; he is at ease with excel as he is with writing and communication, allowing him to participate in diverse and varied projects. This is a first full time summer internship for Christian, so managing time has been a learning curve, in addition to his internship, Christian was enrolled in a summer class, so learnt how to juggle all his responsibilities very quickly.

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Alex Looker
BA, Economics, 2020
Host Organization: Sanctuary for Families
Job Title: Data Evaluation and Impact Intern

SFF has been a lower Manhattan host organization for almost all of the eleven years of this program’s existence. The substantive experiences offered by SFF to past Pace interns have resulted in interns embarking on diverse, impactful careers. Alex was hired for their skills in statistical analysis - STATA and Excel, their advanced Spanish knowledge, and an expressed “passion for utilizing data and analysis to make social improvement work more effective”. This made them the ideal candidate for the position. This experience reaffirmed Alex’s belief in the power of data; seeing firsthand the importance and value it has in social impact work is empowering. They have an interest in the nonprofit sector, and this experience is validating a lot of their beliefs and interests. For Alex, working in a structured formal professional work environment was a very new experience. There has been some learning, adjusting and growing pains but has worked out into a productive supportive relationship between intern and supervisor. Alex noted that the space that SFF works in can be emotionally draining and that self-care is something they work on a lot.

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Tandieka Johnson
MS, Social Media and Mobile Marketing, 2019
Host Organization: Endeavor
Job Title: Marketing and Communications Intern

Endeavor Global has been a host organization in past years, and was funded for the 2019 summer internship program. Tandieka’s host supervisor had a weekly work plan that she had prepared for the 8 week internship, including onboarding/oreintation during week 1. The work plan was a framework to help organize both the supervisor and the intern, as well as give the intern a sense of the big picture. For Tandieka this internship has allowed her to apply and experiment with tools she is learning in the classroom as well as contributing to the vision and mission of the organization in a meaningful way. At the time of our site visit, Tandieka was putting together a social media revamp plan for Endeavor that she was going to discuss with her supervisor later in the week.

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Nicole Ojeda
BBA, Business Management, 2020
Host Organization: She’s the First
Job Title: Summit Production Intern

As a multi-lingual, first-generation, business student with demonstrated youth leadership, Nicole was both drawn to the mission of the organization and its support of girls’ education and the job description, given her extensive on campus leadership and event planning experience. She joined just as STF was embarking on a new five year strategic plan, so the organization and staff were in flux, which resulted in an internship consisting of disparate (relevant) projects rather than a sole focus on Summit Production as mentioned in the original job description. This experience confirmed Nicole’s preference for more structured/organized work cultures compared to the flux she experienced at STF. The varied projects were not giving her the satisfaction that completing a task from start to finish would normally give her, but she also knew the work she was doing had significance. Nicole saw the value in all professional experiences and took this as an opportunity to how to manage and work within change. “I continue to be passionate about the mission, and through informal coffee chats with the full-time staff, ranging from the CEO and co-founder to the other interns, am learning about nonprofit organizational structure and operations.”

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Isabel Oliveras
BA, Communication Studies, 2020
Host Organization: Latino U College Access
Job Title: Communications/Social Media Intern

Over the first six weeks of her internship, Isabel engaged with various areas of the organization including programming, outreach and junior board development. As the Communication Intern, Isabel’s primarily role was to compile and curate content from the various programs and events LUCA hosts, for use on social media and other marketing materials. Under the supervision of the Marketing and Development Director, Isabel helped LUCA maintain a consistent robust social media presence over the summer; a noticeable change to earlier in the year. She also tracked the effectiveness and impact of the outreach mediums, an important tool to help LUCA understand how to best allocate limited staff and time resources. Isabel’s goal by the end of her eight weeks was to have a calendar of posts scheduled through the end of the year. Her supervisor was a relatively new team member at LUCA and has been charged with managing both Marketing and Development. She was able to focus on ramping up donor cultivation and securing grants, as Isabel led the charge on marketing for the summer.

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Eliana Oriol
BS, Biology, 2021
Host Organization: Billion Oyster Project
Job Title: Research Intern

Our site visit to BOP was a thrilling educational experience that highlighted the immersive and diverse internship experience Eliana was having. BOP had six summer interns all of whom rotate through various functions broadly - public engagement and education, lab research, and administrative duties. Interns express a preference or interest in one area – which BOP tries to accommodate the best they can, but the goal is for the intern to walk away with a full understanding of the whole organization and its programs. In addition, all the interns are required to submit and present a research project of their choosing to the BOP staff and the other interns at the end of the summer; past intern projects have been implemented. Eliana has always been interested in the sciences and especially biology, but never wanted to limit her skills to a lab. This experience has sparked an interest in marine biology as a future area of exploration either for graduate school or a job/career. For BOP in Eliana they found an enthusiastic, motivated, skilled intern who was able to contribute and learn from the 8 week experience. While Pace University has a long standing partnership with BOP this was the first year they were a host partner in the summer funded internship program.

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Vansh Shah
MBA, Entreprenerial Studies, 2020
Host Organization: Women’s Economic and Housing Development Corporation (WHEDco)
Job Title: Community Engagement Intern

Vansh studied business as an undergraduate in his native India; he started and grew a series of small family-owned/run businesses after graduating. He applied to WHEDco, a community development organization, curious to see if his profile would be of interest to a nonprofit, and also because “I wanted a paid internship for the summer.”

As the Community Engagement intern, Vansh put his business background to work with South Bronx merchants helping them improve their digital marketing and online presence, assessing appropriate platforms and tools for them to adopt and incorporate for greater visibility, and training them on these tools. He is proud of the impact he had in the community over the 8 weeks. His final project was to create a digital marketing guidebook for the small business assistance program staff at WHEDco for their use on future projects.

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Kadijatu Shaw
BBA, Human Resource Management, 2021
Host Organization: Center for Employment Opportunities
Job Title: Human Resources Intern

CEO is a first time host, but long time Lower Manhattan nonprofit doing work in work force development for disenfranchised populations. Shortly after Kadija started her internship her immediate NYC supervisor left the organization, and Kadija started being remotely managed by her current supervisor. CEO’s Human Resources staff work at diverse remote locations and most staff/team meetings are virtual, as such remote supervision, while not ideal, worked out well. CEO had several HR related projects they needed to be started, managed and finished in the 8 week internship. Kadija picked three based on her interest and skills and priorities for CEO. Kadija felt well supported and mentored by her supervisor and felt like the 8 weeks helped her develop professionally – in how to best communicate, handle conflict and anticipate needs. She ended her internship presenting her project methodologies/process and conclusions, to the HR team, who will be able to build on her work. Her supervisor mentored her in people management and communication, and does admit that allowing Kadija to take on three projects was probably a bit too much, but she was inspired and motivated so he let her move forward.

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