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English Language Support Services


The Global Pathways English Language Support Services program seeks to aid any Pace student on either campus* whose first language is something other than English in further developing all or any of their English skills** by offering FREE tutoring sessions with qualified ESL tutors.

Whether students are highly proficient in English or are struggling to keep up with your classes, continuity is key for them to develop their English skills. Thus, all of our tutoring formats are offered on a weekly basis, with students meeting the same tutor throughout the entire semester for which they sign up. It is therefore also expected that students who sign up commit to attending these sessions on-time every week, and that they prepare what needs to be prepared for their sessions ahead of time.

Special announcement during the COVID-19 pandemic: All tutoring has been moved online through Zoom till further notice.

*Only remote tutoring is available to students on non-NYC campuses
**English skills include listening, reading, writing, speaking, vocabulary, and grammar

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Student Testimonials

Mengxi Yang former undergraduate Pace Global Pathways Student“I have been in tutoring since I came to Pace University and I’ve had many great sessions with my tutors. I have learned a lot about American pronunciation and culture and I highly recommend tutoring sessions to other international students.”

Mengxi Yang (Mency)
Former Undergraduate Pathways Student

“As I was writing a research paper for one of my graduate-level classes, my advisor suggested that I sign up for one-on-one ESL tutoring. After attending a few sessions, it became clear to me that the instructors were very dedicated and committed to helping me improve my research paper. Throughout these sessions, I not only improved my writing skills, but also my pronunciation and understanding of American culture. As a result, my GPA also increased, so I strongly advise all international students to enroll in the Global Pathways tutoring program.”

Ligia Galvão
Graduate Pathways Alum

Miae Jeong former graduate Pace Global Pathways student

“I was so thrilled that I could get awesome feedback from professional teachers. The sessions were totally different from the ones that I had elsewhere at Pace. I could not only know what my weaknesses were in my writing, but also learn some styles and concise expressions of English. Through these sessions, I could make my writing look neat and organized -better than the first draft- and could polish my English. The instructors were very experienced and gave lots of helpful advice.”

Miae Jeong (Erin)
Former Graduate Pathways Student

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How to Sign up

To sign up for tutoring, email the below information to Note, however, that one-on-one tutoring sessions don’t usually become available to students outside Global Pathways till about one months into the semester.

  • Your UID
  • When you’d be available over the next few days to talk to us about signing up
  • If you already know what tutoring format you would prefer (see below), include this as well.

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Tutoring Formats

One-on-One Tutoring Sessions

If you’d like personalized, individual attention on how to impove your English skills, this might be the best option for you. These tutors can help you develop any or all areas of English, though make sure to let them know what you’d like to achieve by attending their tutoring sessions. If you’d like to improve your listening skills, tell them; if you’d like to review prompts and/or homework from your English classes, tell them.

Conversation Groups

If you’d like to improve your speaking skills in a relaxed and informal setting while also connecting with fellow ESL students at Pace, conversation groups might be the right choice for you. In these groups, you’ll meet one tutor and a small group of students who also want to improve their speaking skills. Through various exercises lead by your tutor, you’ll practice a vital part of speaking called fluency – namely the skill of communicating effectively without excessive attention to accuracy. Some of you might think of this skill as being able to speak English without having to think too much about what to say.

Business English Seminars

The Business English seminars are designed to prepare students to use English in a present or future work situation. Students will develop English skills with a focus on business contexts and environments, and they will learn vocabulary that is used regularly in the business world. These seminars will help practice and enrich communication skills by using English in specific business settings and situations, i.e., interviews, Curriculum Vitae preparation and email etiquette.

Project-Based Seminars [Currently Unavailable]

Our project-based seminar follows the principle that students learn best when they work toward a common goal with a relatively high level of autonomy. You will be able to choose your own topic and work towards creating a written and digital memoir that you could share with family and friends. We know that you’re busy with schoolwork and may not have a lot of spare time, so know that we won’t expect for you to do any homework after these sessions end – that is, unless you really want to. We will integrate all English skills through the use of technology, music, and videos, so that you’ll come out of these seminars with an increased overall level of English, deeper connection with your fellow peers, and a valuable learning experience that you’ll carry with you for a long time.

Workshops [Currently Unavailable]

If you’d like to receive tutoring on some of the most common ESL challenges our tutors observe in their tutoring sessions as well as other topics requested by students, look out for our workshop flyer within the first few weeks of the semester. If you can’t find it in your Pace-affiliated email inbox, feel free to email us at, and we’ll send you another copy.  You’re free to attend whichever workshop you’re interested in without having to sign up; just follow the directions on the flyer.

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Tutoring Resources [Currently Unavailable]

We’re hoping to be able to provide mini-lesson recordings and other self-guided resources here in a future semester. Stay tuned!

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Meet the Support Staff

Cecilia Davis
ESL Volunteer Tutor

Cecilia has been working at Pace University since 2016. She is currently the Program Coordinator for the Biology and Chemistry Dept. in Pleasantville and has been a volunteer tutor for Pace Global Pathways since 2020, where she's been leading most of the program's conversation groups. She is an avid linguist, who has earned two Bachelors in English, one from the University of Florence, Italy and one from PACE University. She is on track to complete a Master of Science in TESOL International in May 2021. Born and raised in Italy until her early 20s, she stands by Federico Fellini’s quote: “A different language is a different vision of life.” Before moving to the USA, she has worked in Germany as a civilian for NATO. She subsequently worked for Italian fashion companies in Manhattan while translating and teaching Italian for language schools on her spare time. She has taught English at an international school for adults and has volunteered to teach English to refugees. She thinks of her classroom as a culturally responsive environment, where students and teacher share knowledge and skills with the help of their home languages and cultures.

Beth Henderson-Callaway
ESL Volunteer Tutor

Beth Henderson-Callaway graduated from Pace University, Magna Cum Laude in 2014, while raising her five children. After graduation, she worked as a paraprofessional at The Center for Urban Education, School of Education at Pace. While at CUE, she co-developed a literature and creative writing curriculum for NYC public high school students in the CUE's federally funded Upward Bound Program. Along with teaching three classes on Saturdays, she developed a college scholarship database, edited students' college essays and prepared an ELL high school student for the AP English Literature Exam. In 2020, she was accepted into the TESOL International, MS program at Pace University and started tutoring students in one-on-one sessions for Pace Global Pathways.

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Other Support Services

Writing Center

If you’d like help to review your assignments or other writing, schedule an appointment with the Writing Center.

Learning Center

If you’d like help understanding the content in your academic classes (for example in MAT or CIS 101) or would like to attend workshops centered on study skills, schedule an appointment with the Learning Center. If you'd like individual support on any topic related to study skills, fill out and submit this form.

Professional Speech Tutoring

If you’d like to improve your pronunciation, modify your accent, or enhance your speaking skills - including the use of idioms, vocabulary, and interview skills – visit the Speech Language and Hearing Center website and email Ellayne Ganzfried at for more information on how to get evaluated for weekly tutoring.

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