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Course Procedures

Determining Appropriate Courses

To determine which courses you should list on your Course Selection Sheet, you may first want to look up the curriculum of Pace majors closely related to your own, as these can give you a better idea of which courses might be approved to transfer back into your home institution. A great place to start is Pace’s Programs A-Z page. You may also want to consider our ESL-specialized courses.

To find out which courses are offered within any given semester, as well as to access course descriptions, access Pace’s Schedule Explorer. As you filter the results, note that the ‘Choose Subject:’ field takes the first three letters in the course you’re looking for, so for instance if you’re looking for ECO 105, select ‘Economics (ECO).’ The ‘Choose Course Number…’ field would in this example take ‘105.’ Make sure to also select the appropriate campus in the ‘Choose Campus’ field. As you look through the courses offered, make a note of the following:

  • Do not list any class that’s classified as a Learning Community (LC) unless you plan to also take the second course it is tied to as well. These courses can never be taken separately.

  • Always click ‘More Info’ and check whether there are course(s) or other requirements listed under ‘Prerequisites.’ If there are, make sure you’ve already taken the equivalent course(s) at your home institution.

  • Courses that are restricted -such as those listed as ‘Honors’- most likely won’t be available to you. Avoid these classes or ask if you’re uncertain.

  • Courses that are listed as ‘CLOSED’ in the ‘Seats Avail.’ column are full and not available to you. Consider also avoiding courses listed as having only a few seats available, as they may all be taken by the time you’ve had your course approved by your home institution and the form arrives with us.