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Three Pace students in a computer lab

Student Testimonials

Global Pathway Student Experiences

Jacky Patel

From: India
Studied: Computer Science, MS
Future Plans: To work for a multinational company

Tell me about what you’ve enjoyed most studying at Pace?
It was my dream to study in the US to get more International exposure and experience a different culture with great diversity. Pace has always been a place for innovation and a home for students from all over. I enjoy the lively atmosphere, events, programs, education, food, American values and most of all, the wonderful opportunities that molded me.

How has Global Pathways helped with life in the US?
Global Pathways has played a crucial part in making me understand different cultures through its events and activities. It also served as a bridge to explore my passion and gain new knowledge. The program held a number of memorable events such as "Peer matchups", tours to museums, historical places, and theater shows.

Inna Ouattara

From: Ivory Coast
Studied: Accounting, BBA
Future Plans: To become a CPA

Tell me about what you’ve enjoyed most about studying at Pace?
The thing I really enjoy about Pace is the diversity. Indeed, I am an international student, and through the Global Pathway program, I met and learned about different cultures.

How are the people you live with?
My roommate is Chinese and she is really nice. I really enjoy living with her because she is from another culture and I can learn a lot from that.

Rebecca Xie

From: China
Studied: Finance, MBA
Future Plans: to become an investment banker

Tell me about what you’ve enjoyed most about studying at Pace?
Studying at Pace made me realize that academic classes are not only about financial knowledge but also about one’s professional attitude in entering the industry.

Tell me social events Global Pathways has arranged for you.
When I first got here, I knew nothing about Thanksgiving. I joined a Thanksgiving dinner with other Global Pathway students, which helped me understand the culture and make lots of friends.


Nikita Ptchelka

From: Belarus
Studied: Financial Management, MBA

"Pace University professors are really great at connecting what we’re leaning in class to real life. In Managerial Marketing, we created marketing plans for 3 real New York City firms. It was a great experience to meet the directors of these companies and to present our thoughts on how they could improve their marketing strategies. And my microeconomics professor is just amazing at applying the theories we learn in class to real world problems. Now when I read the news, I understand what is happening on a much deeper level."

Obiageri Donald

From: Nigeria
Studied: Environmental Science, BA

"I can’t pick a particular course that has helped me improve because, basically, every course I have taken right from the start of my Pace University journey has helped me in one way or another"

Dominic Guo

From: China
Studied: Accounting, MS

"Pace University’s location is very good. Students can work in downtown Manhattan during the day and study at Pace at night. It is very convenient."