Three Pace students in a computer lab

Conversation Groups

Our International Conversation Groups are designed for international students, yet open to everyone. They give students a relaxed social environment in which to connect with fellow students at Pace while also developing conversation skills. The groups are creative, fun and make use of members’ interests (music, art, business, fashion, world affairs and more) as we build community together. We support people to bring all that they have (e.g. interests, concerns, dreams, how they’d like to grow, what is challenging, etc.) to create different kinds of conversations. Participating in ICGs can be used to satisfy the Civic Engagement and/or Volunteer Hours components of certain classes.

Sign up for Conversation Groups

    • Opportunities to train as a Conversation Group Facilitator
    • Communication and team-building skills for the multicultural and multilingual workplace
    • How to respectfully and effectively interact and build relationships with culturally and linguistically diverse community members – essential for today’s globalized world
    • Interviewing and presentation skills for jobs, internships, etc.
  • If you're globally minded and would like to develop as an International Conversation Group Facilitator, International Academic Support is offering an apprenticeship program for anybody who might be interested. This fast-track training program, will provide skills and opportunities for:

    • Leading and/or co-leading Conversation Group sessions
    • Sharpening your leadership, public speaking and team-building skills which are useful in all areas of work
    • Ways to respectfully interact and build relationships with culturally and linguistically diverse community members
    • Building community in a global age

    If you're interested and would like to apply, fill out our Facilitator Training Application. Upon receiving your application, an interview with the coordinator of the program, Gwen Lowenheim, will be set up. If you have questions, email Gwen Lowenheim.