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Norika “Nori” Barnes, MLT, RN

Norika “Nori” Barnes, MLT, RN
Academic Advisor

Nori first arrived at Pace University as a pre-med undergrad and a member of the women’s basketball team. After sophomore year they made the decision to join the United States Navy, were they served honorably for 8 years as a Hospital Corpsman. Nori returned to Pace after getting accepted into the RN program and graduated in 2015. While attending Pace as an undergrad in 2011, Nori was hired to work in Mortola Library, a position they kept after graduating and becoming a RN.

This long history at Pace gave Nori skills that were suited for the position of academic advisor. Nori jumped at the opportunity to work for Honors. Nori says "I couldn’t be happier. The Honors College has been a delight to work for and to work with. The Honors community at Pace has been welcoming and a joy, and look forward to getting to meet all our students this semester."