Pace University students studying in front of a computer

What Is It?

An original piece that represents the best work a student can do in their discipline. For the majority of students it will be an academic research paper; however, students in creative disciplines may choose to do a creative thesis. The minimum page requirement for all theses is 25 pages. A student may choose to do their thesis in a minor, but must make sure that they still fulfill all of the required credits for their degree.

Examples of acceptable topics include those that involve laboratory research (sciences); critical analysis of works of literature, philosophy or art (humanities); research using original sources or field work (social sciences, marketing); original programming (computer science); analysis of business practices, laws, or standards (accounting, finance, management); or a creative piece of work (art, poetry, theater).

Who Does It?

All students who wish to graduate with honors from the Pforzheimer Honors College. Current honors students should email Honors Thesis Advisor Lindsey Lee ( for the appropriate guidebook.

When Do We Do It?

Students do their thesis in their junior or senior year. For most students, the capstone is done the semester before the one in which they do the thesis.

How Do We Do It?

All students must meet with the Honors Thesis Advisor: in their junior year at least once and then as needed senior year. Students take a capstone or springboard course in the field they will do their thesis in. They then work with a faculty advisor from that field to write the paper. Finally, students must present their work in front of an audience, at either the thesis presentations at the end of the term, a poster at Undergraduate Research Day, or a creative presentation outside of those two options.

Why Do We Do It?

The honors thesis is a chance for students to demonstrate their expertise in their field. It is also a chance for students to dedicate themselves to a longer project that they can use in other aspects of their life, including applying to graduate schools and jobs.