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Remaining in Good Standing

In order to graduate from Pace University with an Honors College Certificate, you need to complete all of the following requirements:

  • Complete EIGHT (8) Honors courses before graduation if you enter the program as a freshman
  • Complete SIX (6) Honors courses before graduation if you enter the program as a transfer student
  • Achieve at least a B- (2.7) in all Honors courses in order to have it count toward your number of required courses
  • Achieve an overall B+ (3.3) average throughout your academic career at Pace University
  • Complete a Senior Honors Thesis which is due in your last semester at Pace University

Honors College Academic Probation

Honors students who do not maintain a 3.3 GPA EVERY YEAR or the appropriate number of Honors courses are in danger of being removed from the Honors College and to forfeit all benefits of the Honors College. Students whose cumulative GPAs fall below a 3.3 at the end of the academic year (spring semester) will be put on academic probation for one academic year. If the student fails to raise their GPA over 3.3 after the year of academic probation, they may file an appeal asking for a one-semester extension of academic probation. During academic probation, Honors students will not be eligible for the Honors travel abroad scholarship. A student who does not raise their GPA up over 3.3 after remaining on academic probation will automatically be dismissed from the Honors College and may appeal to the Scholarship Review Committee in the Financial Aid office for consideration for other scholarships.

Students who do not have 4 or 2 (for transfer students) Honors Courses by the end of their second year in Honors will be put on academic probation and receive a letter informing them of this. Student will be required to make a plan with their Honors Advisor. As long as 6 or 4 (for transfer students) Honors courses are taken by the end of their third year in Honors, and a meeting with the Thesis Advisor has taken place, then students will no longer be on Honors probation. Students who have not satisfied these requirements and have failed to meet with the Honors College about a plan will be dismissed from the Honors College.