Three Pace students in a computer lab

English Language Support Services

The English Language Support Services program seeks to aid any Pace student whose first language is something other than English to further develop their language skills through FREE tutoring sessions with qualified ESL tutors. Whether students are highly proficient in English or are struggling to keep up with your classes, continuity is key for them to develop their English skills. Thus, all of our tutoring formats are offered on a weekly basis, with students meeting the same tutor throughout the entire semester for which they sign up. It is therefore also expected that students who sign up commit to attending these sessions on-time every week, and that they prepare what needs to be prepared for their sessions ahead of time. Sessions are offered online and in-person depending on availability.


Students in our tutoring program increase their GPA by an average twenty-two percent per semester


The tutoring program is 90% full by the fourth week of the semester


Students who attend tutoring regularly increase their GPA by seventeen percent more than students who do not

I have been in tutoring since I came to Pace University and I’ve had many great sessions with my tutors. I have learned a lot about American pronunciation and culture and I highly recommend tutoring sessions to other international students.

Mengxi Yang (Mency)
Former Undergraduate Pathways Student