Students walking out of a residential hall at the NYC campus

Application for Current Westchester Students and Enrolled Applicants

Review all the information below regarding summer housing policies and application procedures. The Summer Housing application will be available beginning on March 15, 2023.

  • Summer housing is available for the Summer 1 and 2 terms to all Pace University students who meet the eligibility requirements listed below. Housing for the Summer 1 term begins on May 29, 2024 and ends on July 11, 2024. Housing for the Summer 2 term begins on July 15, 2024 and ends on August 24, 2024.
  • Only double or triple accommodations will be offered (singles will not be offered). Room assignments and instructions for the summer move-in/transition process will be provided by email prior to the start of the Summer 1 term.
  • All summer housing charges for each term must be paid prior to the start of each Summer term will be due prior to the start of each term.
  • On-campus services and residence hall amenities will be limited during the intersessions and summer terms. On-campus dining services will not be offered during this time.

Applications for summer student housing will be available online at MyHousing under Applications and Forms on March 15, 2024. Housing assignments are based on space availability, applying for one type of room does not guarantee that we will be able to accommodate that request. Applications must be completed by April 15, 2024, to ensure a smooth transition to summer housing. All summer residents in Pleasantville will be housed in single or double rooms (which may be part of multi-room suites) in either Elm Hall or Alumni Hall. The housing rates for summer are listed below.


To be eligible for summer student housing, you must be a Pace University student AND meet at least one of the following criteria for the summer session(s) in which you are being housed. Eligibility is at the discretion of Residential Life.

  • Be registered for summer classes at Pace University (full or part-time)
  • Be participating in a full or part-time academically related internship or job (a letter from the internship or job employer may be requested by the housing staff)
  • Be employed on campus as a student worker for no fewer than 20 hours per week (a letter from the internship or job employer may be requested by the housing staff)

Summer Student Housing Room Options/Rate

  • Single Occupancy: $2450 per summer session
  • Double Occupancy: $2050 per summer session

Application, Payment, and Cancellation Process

  • To submit an application for summer housing, login to MyHousing and go to "Applications and Forms". Submit the "2024 - Summer Housing Application".
  • Pay the prepayment/deposit at the time of application ($2000). This amount will be applied to your summer bill. If you need extra time to submit the prepayment, please email housing operations. We will work with you to give you extra time. The deposit is fully refundable for students who cancel prior to the start of the first summer term.
  • Students who wish to cancel their summer housing after application and/or after moving in for the summer must complete the Housing Cancellation Form on MyHousing. For students who have moved-in, the cancellation will not be processed until a cancellation is received AND the assigned room has been vacated.

The applicant agrees to pay the University the fees in accordance with the payment schedule for the residence hall accommodations assigned by the Offices of Residential Life and University Housing Operations. Students will be billed directly for their accommodations through their student account. The rates indicated are flat rates for each summer session and will not be reduced for shorter stays. Students leaving housing for any reason prior to the end of their contracted term(s) are still responsible for the full amount of the charged summer housing rate. Students wishing to arrange housing for a period of time less than one of the summer sessions should contact the housing office before applying. Payments must be made to the Student Accounts Office or through the student’s Pace account.

Students who cancel their housing after the start of a summer term are eligible for partial refunds of the student housing fee for that semester as follows (cancellation dates are based on the date that both the cancellation form is received AND the student has properly checked out of the residence hall):

  • Cancelling prior to the start of the summer term (not moved in for the summer term; will not be moving in): If a cancellation form is received before the start of the summer term (May 28, 2024 for Summer 1 and July 14, 2024 for Summer 2) and student has not yet moved in, 100% of the summer housing charge will be refunded; students cancelling after the start of the summer term may incur a fee (see policies below)
  • Cancelling during the first week of the summer term (moved in for the summer term and moved out prior to the end of the first week of summer): Cancellation form submitted and received AND student moved out before the end of the first week of summer session (Summer 1: June 4, 2024; Summer 2: July 21, 2024) – 100% of the summer term rate will be refunded, less the daily rate for the number of days student lived in housing (students living in Intersession housing will be pro-rated for the number of days living in housing since the end of the spring semester, including Intersession)
  • Cancelling during the second week of summer term (moved in for the summer term; moving out after the start of the summer term): Cancellation form submitted and received AND student moved out before the end of the second week of the summer term (Summer 1: June 11, 2023; Summer 2: July 28, 2024) – 70% refund
  • Cancelling during and after the second week of summer term (moved in for the summer term; moving out after the start of the summer term): Cancellation form submitted and received AND student moved out after the end of the second week of the summer term (Summer 1: June 18, 2024; Summer 2: August 4, 2024) – 0% refund

Other Information

  • Current spring residents who have applied for and been assigned to summer housing will be required to move to their summer space at a time between May 11 and May 28. They must remain available to move as directed. If they choose to leave campus during the intersession, they must take all of their things with them, or place them in storage (at their own expense). The university reserves the right to move or remove items left by summer residents during the intersession, and bill students for the cost of doing so.
  • Summer Student Housing Applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Placement, room selection, and assignment information will be sent to each student’s PACE UNIVERSITY EMAIL ADDRESS. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that their email account can accept messages or will forward their messages to a preferred address. Students may also check with the housing office in person in order to get the details of their placement.
  • Summer housing assignments will be made on or about May 6, 2024.
  • During the course of the summer, residents may be required to move at the discretion of the housing office. Such moves will be implemented conservatively but may be required to consolidate rooms and make additional bed spaces available. Such moves will not be considered grounds for any kind of refund or cancellation of the housing agreement.
  • Room Preferences: summer housing for Pace students is limited to double and triple rooms. If you have a preferred room, room type, or roommate, please indicate that information on the application. Please note that these preferences are NOT guaranteed.

Residential Policies

Receipt by Pace University of the Summer Housing Agreement and Application establishes a legal, binding agreement between the applicant (student, parent or guardian, group representative), and Pace University for summer housing during the summer semesters, contingent upon the availability of housing accommodations on the Pace Campus. The University reserves the right to determine and assign the housing space to be occupied by the student and to reassign alternative accommodations as circumstances warrant.

All residents of Pace University Housing are subject to the University Guiding Principles and all other policies of the University. Violations of any University policy may result in removal (without refund) from Pace University residence halls. Allegations of policy violation may be brought forth by representatives of the Office of Housing and Residential Life, security, other residents, or any other member of the University community. Adjudication of alleged charges is the responsibility of the dean of students and their designee. Residents may be subject to summary removal from residence pending adjudication of policy violation. Learn more about Pace University policies and student conduct process.