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Alcohol and Other Drugs Services

What Are Alcohol and Other Drug Services?

Pace University has a strong commitment to a healthy and safe environment for all members of the University community. For details regarding the university's drug and alcohol policy, visit University Drug and Alcohol Policy. The Counseling Center provides a number of support services to students struggling with alcohol and other drug use. These include:

    • Assessment and support for problematic alcohol and other drug use
    • Assistance in dealing with family members or other loved ones who may be suffering from an addiction
    • Help in dealing with pressure to drink or use more than you want to
    • Strategies and support for changing drinking or drug use patterns
    • Support for students in recovery (Individual and Group Services)
    • Referral information and assistance

    Services are confidential and free of charge for registered Pace students.

  • The Counseling Center offers the following educational programs and workshops for student organizations, residence halls, faculty, staff, administrations, and family members:

    • “The Drinking Game”: an interactive board game based on a harm-reduction approach to use of alcohol
    • "Weed Wars": an interactive competition focused on marijuana
    • Additional Alcohol and Other Drug-related topics (upon request)
    • How to Intervene, Assist, and Refer

    Presentations may fulfill educational and risk management requirements of student organizations and residence halls.

    Please visit our Outreach and Consultation page for more information

  • For more mental health educational and self-help resources, visit our Resources page.

    Some Signs that Substance Use Might be a Problem

    • Being uncomfortable at occasions when alcohol and/or other drugs are not available
    • When you are not using, regretting things you said or did when you were using
    • Arguments with friends or family related to your use
    • Being able to handle larger and larger amounts of alcohol and/or drug use over time
    • Increased work, family, school and social problems
    • Feeling angry or depressed while using or the next day
    • Lying about substance use to friends and loved ones
    • Neglecting people and events that don’t involve substance use
    • “Blackouts” or not remembering what happened when under the influence.
    • Uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms when not using (e.g. shakiness, fatigue, insomnia, irritability)
    • Needing substances to cope with strong feelings, stress, and/or sleepiness
    • Wanting to cut back, but not being able to
    • Driving a car while under the influence
    • Getting into trouble at work or at school for using (e.g. showing up late, calling in sick, getting fired, failing classes)
  • The eCHECKUP TO GO tools will provide you with accurate and personalized feedback about:

    • Your individual drinking/ marijuana use pattern
    • Your risk patterns
    • Your aspirations and goals
    • Helpful resources at Pace University and in your community

    To get started, select the eCHECKUP TO GO link below: