Students on the Pace Pleasantville Campus

Tips For Academic and Personal Success and Connecting To Others

  • Start by simply observing yourself, others and your environment
  • Be open-minded and curious
  • Ask questions
  • Find allies
  • Meet students with similar passions through organizations, activities and other common interests
  • Connect with students who are different from you through clubs and other activities
  • Get to know your professors and don’t hesitate to ask for help and input
  • Put study habits into place with realistic expectations, a daily schedule, and good organization
  • Limit alcohol and other drug use
  • Exercise, eat and sleep well, and find other ways to manage stress.
  • Recognize that some anxiety, loneliness, sadness and stress is expectable in college.
  • Allow yourself and others to make mistakes. Sometimes these interpersonal bumps or disappointments can lead to better understanding and deeper connections to others.
  • Reach out and use the supports available to you at Pace including the Counseling Center

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