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Attendance Verification

Understanding Attendance Verification

Pace University must abide by the US Department of Education guidelines to verify the attendance (including participation for online courses) of students in each class for which they are enrolled. Starting during the Fall 2021 semester, we are implementing this federal requirement for all students in all classes. Below are the answers to frequently asked questions about this process. Please pay particular attention to the final question related to the consequences of your enrollment not being verified.

Please know that you establish eligibility for federal aid only if you actually show up for and participate in your classes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Attendance Verification

  • All Pace University instructors participate in an Attendance Verification process for each student registered in their class(es). The goal is to identify students who are and are not attending classes for which they are registered.

  • Starting this Fall 2021 semester, we have implemented the federally mandated Attendance Verification for all students in all classes. This means that in accordance with US Department of Education requirements, all instructors must verify students’ attendance, including participation in online courses, in each class they teach.

  • Your presence in a class will be verified by the instructor using the Qwickly tool in Classes, our learning management system. This will be done at one of the class meetings within the first three weeks of class for a regular Fall/Spring semester. An instructor may or may not give prior announcement of the day on which this attendance roll is taken, so be sure to attend all class sessions to avoid any future problems.

    • Attending a synchronous class, lecture, recitation, or field or laboratory activity, physically or online ,where there is an opportunity for interaction between the instructor and students;
    • submitting an academic assignment;
    • taking an exam, an interactive tutorial or computer-assisted assessment;
    • participating in an interactive tutorial, webinar, or other interactive computer-assisted instruction;
    • participating in a study group, group project, or an online discussion that is assigned by the institution; or
    • interacting with an instructor about academic matters.
    • Living in institutional housing;
    • participating in the institution's meal plan;
    • logging into an online class or tutorial without any further participation; or
    • participating in academic counseling or advisement.
  • Yes, Attendance Verification must be completed within one (1) week of the start of all other terms: January, Early Summer 1, Summer 2, and Late Summer 2.

  • Yes, Attendance Verification must be reported for all students. Although you may not have financial aid now, you may file a FAFSA in the future and receive financial aid. If you previously filed a FAFSA and received federal loans, your correct enrollment must be reported to the National Student Loan Data System to stay in compliance with federal law. In addition, Attendance Verification also confirms eligibility and ensures that you stay on track for any for state aid and institutional aid; not attending class is likely to impact your academic progress, which determines eligibility for retaining aid such as athletic or merit scholarships.

  • Attendance Verification must be completed for shorter terms as well. For each type of shorter term (e.g., First Fall, First Spring, Second Fall, etc.) the verification form must be submitted one week before the end date of the course.

  • Students who are receiving financial aid and are not recorded as having participated in a class will lose a portion, or all of their financial aid. It could also trigger repayment of the student's federal loans.

  • You should inform your instructor ahead of time that you will be absent during the first three weeks of class to explain. The instructor will determine if they can verify your participation. Once your participation has been verified at least one time (even if before an illness or planned placements), you are 'good to go' regarding this verification.

  • For all course types, including thesis, internships, labs, online courses, etc., the instructor must verify a student's participation. This may include submission of an online assignment or other course related contact with the instructor. (However, simply logging into the Classes LMS systems will not count as an academically related activity.)

  • Yes. Students whose attendance is not verified during the first three weeks of a regular semester (see above for shorter terms) will be administratively dropped from the class. Students will be sent an email warning that they will be dropped from the class because their attendance has not be verified by their professor.

    Eligibility for federal student aid is based on a student's enrollment status, therefore if there are enrollment changes it will impact a student's financial aid eligibility. Financial aid may have to be recalculated and if enrollment drops below half-time, any federal direct student loans will go into repayment. If a student's aid is recalculated, they will receive notification from the Financial Aid department. Students should check their MyPace Portal and Pace student email regularly.

  • The federal government requires verification of attendance to ensure that students who receive financial aid are attending school. Verification of student attendance through this process confirms eligibility to receive various types of Federal, State aid and Institutional aid.

  • Students who are not verified as attending a class by their professor may lose elements of their financial aid and be dropped from that class. Students will be notified in advance of any action being taken, so be sure to check your Pace email for updates!

  • Your professor can submit a correction through an Enrollment Verification Correction Form. Please reach out to the professor of that class to clarify your attendance.

  • The Registrar’s Office will send an alert message to your Pace email to confirm if you have been reported as absent and include exactly which professor(s)/course(s) have reported you as non-attending. Please be sure to check your Pace email for this important alert!

  • If you have been in touch with your professor and participated in your class in some manner, you will be verified as attending.

  • No. Each instructor may have their own attendance policy. Please be sure to consult each of your course syllabi to confirm your instructor’s attendance policy in that course.

  • Students who are not registered for classes are not permitted to remain in University housing. If your registration becomes voided as a result of the Attendance Verification process, AND you are unable to have your registration reinstated, you must:

    1. Complete a Housing Cancellation form (which can be found in your MyHousing account), and be sure to include the date you will move out, and
    2. Move out of the residence hall, contacting an RA on duty or your Residence Director to let them know you have moved out, and to return any keys you may have been issued.
  • If a student is registered and was reported by the professor as non-attending, the student will be dropped from the class. To appeal for reinstatement, please fill out and submit the Attendance Verification Correction Form. Once submitted, the form will be routed to your professor to approve or deny.

  • Undergraduate Students – If your enrollment drops below 12 credits (full-time) your financial aid will be impacted. The Financial Aid Office will be notified of this change and you will receive an email to your Pace student email address outlining the changes made to your aid.

    Graduate Students – If your enrollment drops below 9 credits (full-time) your financial aid will be impacted. The Financial Aid Office will be notified of this change and you will receive an email to your Pace student email address outlining the changes made to your aid.

    You may contact the Financial Aid Office by phone at 877-672-1830 or by email at with any questions regarding this drop.

  • You will receive email notification to your Pace student email once your financial aid is re-evaluated. You may obtain an updated bill from self-service, “Bill on Demand” via MyPace Portal. Financial Aid re-evaluation can take up to a week from Monday, October 13, 2021.

  • If additional funding is required to pay your remaining balance owed please visit the Alternative Financing page of the Financial Aid website for additional payment options.

  • Submit an Attendance Verification Correction form as soon as possible. The form will be sent to your professor for approval. You will be asked for your professor’s email address when completing the form. Do not email your professor directly.

  • To appeal for reinstatement, please fill out and submit the Attendance Verification Correction form. Once submitted, the form will be sent to your professor to approve or deny. Be sure to attend all classes from this point forward and communicate with your professor about any challenges that may have prevented your prior participation.

  • If more than 24 business day hours have passed without any response from your faculty member, please email the following information to Your name, UID, about when you submitted your request for reinstatement, your professor’s name, the course number and CRN, and your reason for reinstatement Put “Faculty Response” in the subject line.

  • Financial Aid will need a few days to reinstate aid once notified by the Office of the Registrar. (Registrar will email approved reinstatements to the Financial Aid Office). After that process, students should be back in their classes within 48-72 hours.

  • Please contact your Academic Advisor who is ready to help with any scheduling issues you may have. If you are unsure of who your advisor is at this time, please email and you will receive a prompt response.

  • Please speak with your professor to gain a greater understanding of how much work you will need to make-up and what grades you will need to achieve in order to earn a desirable grade.

  • You will need to reach out to Student Accounts.

  • You should speak with your faculty members to see about having them correct this. The faculty member should complete the Attendance Verification Correction form. If the faculty is nonresponsive, please email your information (student name, professor name, course number and CRN to Put “Faculty Response” in the subject line.

  • The Financial Aid Office contact information is:

    Phone: (877) 672-1830

  • If financial aid is being re-evaluated please allow up to a week (7 days) to receive notification of its completion. If you have any questions you may contact the Financial Aid Office via the contact information provided.

  • Please allow Student Accounts at least 24 hours to respond.

  • Please allow your advisor at least 24 hours to respond.

  • If 48 business hours have passed and your situation has not been resolved, please contact the Associate Provost for Student Success, Dr. Hillary J. Knepper at

  • Your advisor can help you plan out your degree progress if you have been dropped from a class.

  • Student Accounts will work with you on understanding your tuition bill if there are any changes as a result of enrollment verification.

  • A professor is the only individual that can verify attendance, therefore it is important that you go to class and make sure the professor knows you are in attendance. However, Financial Aid can assist you with understanding any changes in your financial aid package.

  • Your faculty can respond to your queries regarding being marked as non-attending. Faculty can approve your appeal. Faculty can grant you access to return to the class if you’ve been removed. However, you must communicate clearly with them.

  • You will be dropped from the course on the evening on October 13 or the morning of October 14. No action is needed.

  • You will be dropped from any course for which you have been reported as not attending by the instructor on the evening on October 13 or the morning of October 14. Any financial or institutional aid that you may receive at Pace University is at risk. Your inaction could also trigger the start of repayment of any federal student loans you may have.

  • You will be fine as long as you have communicated with your professor and let them know the exact arrival date.

  • Yes, it may affect your status. Your F-1 visa assumes class attendance. Please contact your professors immediately and explain why you haven't been in attendance and ask to be reinstated.

  • International students who have questions about attendance that are not answered here should reach out to or:

    New York City Campus
    163 William St., 16th Floor
    Phone: (212) 346-1368

    Pleasantville Campus
    Kessel Student Center, 212
    Phone: (212) 346-1368

  • Beginning on December 17, 2021, the VA requires anyone utilizing any VA GI Bill Military Benefits to verify their school enrollment on a monthly basis. Each veteran or dependent that this applies to must verify this by calling the VA directly at: (888) 442-4551 on a monthly basis. Student veterans who have questions about attendance that are not answered here should reach out to:

    Peter Riley
    Director of Veteran Services
    Phone: (212) 346-1115

    Vanessa Muquercia
    Assistant Director of Veteran Services