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Information For Parents and Families

Pace aims to provide the maximum amount of financial aid to each student. We advise parents to be actively involved in the financial aid process to ensure their son or daughter receives the most aid possible. Review our checklist for parents and families below in order to help your child obtain the best possible financial aid package while attending school.

Learn About the Financial Aid Process

Help your children by knowing when and how to apply for Financial Aid.

  • File the FAFSA: The priority submission deadline is November 15 of each year. Visit the FAFSA website to get started.
  • Read the Award Letter: Review the Award Notice from Pace University and then go on to the Pace Portal to accept or decline any aid offered.
  • Understand the different types of aid offered, by reading the financial aid booklet included with the award notice and/or by viewing our financial aid video tutorials.

Find Financial Aid Resources

Locate additional Financial Aid funds and learn how to apply for them.

  • Endowment Scholarships: Students who excel academically (with a minimum 3.0 QPA at Pace University) and demonstrate financial need may qualify for additional gift/free aid in the form of endowment scholarships. Apply for Endowment Scholarships.
  • Federal Parent Loan (PLUS): Credit-worthy parents may borrow up to the Cost of Attendance (minus any other aid the student is receiving) in a PLUS Loan. To be considered for this loan parents must complete the PLUS application, included in the award packet or under Forms section of the Financial Aid website.
  • Outside Scholarships: Students should apply for outside scholarships offered by organizations in their local communities (i.e. parent's company/employer, religious affiliations, fraternities, sororities, etc...). There are also many national scholarship search engines (i.e. Fastweb).
  • Pace Payment Plan: Families may enroll in the Pace Payment Plan to address any remaining balance after all of the students aid has been applied. To enroll or learn more about this option, visit the Pace University Payment plan website.

Ensure Necessary Steps Are Taken to Retain Aid

Plan ahead and make sure students are taking the appropriate steps to keep their Financial Aid while attending Pace University.

  • Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP): Students must meet academic progress guidelines to retain federal, New York State and Pace aid. SAP is reviewed at the end of Spring semester, each year. The SAP requirements differ for each type of aid. Visit our policies section on Satisfactory Academic Progress to learn more about SAP guidelines.
  • File the FAFSA: The priority submission deadline is November 15 of each year.
  • Look out for Correspondence: Respond quickly to all requests made by the Financial Aid staff. Pace University will send important information about Financial Aid to students through the U.S. postal mail, the student's University email and the Pace Portal.