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Repeating Coursework Policy

Students should be aware that, for Federal financial aid purposes, an institution can pay a student for only one retake of a previously passed course or its equivalent. Once a student completes a particular course, Financial Aid can count that student as being enrolled in that course only one more time for Federal aid purposes.

For example:

Say a student passed BIO 101 in Fall 2019 with a D. If that student takes Bio 101 again in Fall 2020, the Financial Aid Office can count that course in the student's Fall 2020 enrollment. Therefore, if the student is taking BIO 101 for 3 credits and 9 other credits in Fall 2020, the student would be considered to be in 12 credits (full-time) for Fall 2020. However, if the student then took BIO 101 again in Spring 2021, it cannot be counted (regardless of whether it was passed or failed it in Fall 2020).

Therefore, if the student is taking BIO 101 for the 3rd time in Spring 2021 and 9 other credits, the Financial Aid Office would have to consider the student to be enrolled in only 9 credits for Spring 2021.

This restriction does not apply to Pace University funded aid or to outside resources such as Alternative Loans.