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Financial Aid

Types of Aid

Pace University offers students as much financial assistance as possible. Financial Aid can come in many forms, including scholarships and grants, work study, and student loans. Financial Aid award packages offered by Pace University typically consist of a combination of awards from these types of aid programs.

General Rules Covering All Financial Aid

  • Any combination of tuition-specific Pace-funded scholarships, grants or awards and New York State or other tuition-specific funding cannot exceed your actual tuition charges.
  • All financial aid combined may not exceed your Cost of Attendance.
  • You must be matriculated in a degree program at Pace University in order to receive any financial aid other than Alternative Loans. (Note that some certificate program students also qualify). Matriculated means that you are admitted to and enrolled in a degree or applicable certificate program.
  • Generally, students must be enrolled at least half-time (6 credits per semester) to qualify for aid. Exceptions are Federal Pell Grants and Alternative Loans.

To review basic eligibility criteria for Pace University, Federal and New York State aid programs please visit our General Eligibility section.

Scholarships & Grants

Scholarships and grants are considered gift aid. Always accept scholarships and grants offered to you first since they do not need to be paide back. Scholarships and grants are offered by Pace University, the Federal Government, New York State and private organizations. University-sponsored scholarships and grants are awarded to students on the basis of academic merit, service to the community, talent, special activities, and financial need as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Federal Work Study

Federal Work Study is a Federally subsidized work program for students who meet the general eligibility criteria and exhibit financial need as determined by their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This type of financial aid is a work program where funds can be earned if a student obtains an authorized job either on or off-campus.  These funds are earned via bi-weekly paycheck and are not deducted from the student's Pace University bill.

Federal Student Loans

Federal Student Loans offered by the Federal Government allow students to borrow additional funds to finance their education. These are some of the best loans available to help students pay for school due to their lower interest rates and flexible repayment terms.

Alternative Financing

If you still need additional funding to help pay for your education, there are additional options you can take advantage of such as Pace University's tuition payment plans or a private education loan. Keep in mind that private loans should be a last resort once you have exhausted your Federal, institutional or state aid resources.