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Security and Emergency Management

Parking Guidelines & Traffic Policies

Parking at the Westchester Campuses

Our beautiful, scenic campus has limited parking. Because of this it is a Walking Campus. While on campus cars should be parked in their designated parking lots at all times.

A valid Pace ID and vehicle registration is needed when registering a vehicle for use on campus. The decal holder is responsible for the vehicle operation and any fines incurred while vehicle is on campus.

Vehicle Registration Form (PDF): Bring completed form to your perspective Security office. All parking related questions may be directed to (914) 773-3700 or

Pleasantville Campus

  • Security Admin Office (Lot R behind the Townhouses): All Decals Issued
  • Alumni Hall Security Office: Commuter and Faculty/Staff Decals Only

White Plains

  • Preston Hall Security Office: All Decals Issued
  • Bursars Office: All Decals Issued

All members of the University community must register their vehicle with the Safety & Security Department.

  • Commuter Students: parking decals do not expire and require a onetime registration; however, if any vehicle changes occur a new decal is required.
  • Resident Upperclass Students: (Sophomore, Junior, Senior and Transfer Students with minimum of 30 transfer credits) must update their parking decals each academic year. Resident students are entitled to only one registered vehicle.
  • Staff/Faculty: parking decals do not expire and require a onetime registration; however, if any vehicle changes occur a new decal is required.
  • Resident First Year/Freshman Students: are not authorized to have vehicles on campus at any time (including weekends).

First year resident students who require a car on campus, due to extenuating circumstances, must submit an email petition to the Pace Security Office.

Parking and Traffic Policies - Westchester Campuses

Handicapped Persons
Parking spaces for handicapped are reserved for those who have a handicapped license plate or permit for handicapped parking issued in their name by the State, County or Town of residence. The plates and permits may be used to park in reserved parking spaces only when the person with the disability is driving or riding in the vehicle. Any person who abuses any privilege, benefit, precedence or consideration arising from possession of the license plates or permit, may have them revoked by both Pace University and the issuing municipality.

Temporary Handicapped Persons
Members of the University community who suffer a temporary disability which affects their ability to walk may apply to the Safety & Security Department for a temporary handicapped parking permit. Any person applying for temporary handicapped permit must present, to the Safety & Security Department, a doctor's letter on official stationery specifying the medical problem and the expiration date for handicapped parking privileges.

All members of the University community are responsible for their guests and the citations they may receive. Guests must obtain a temporary parking permit from the Safety & Security Department and comply with all regulations in this guide. Visitors who do not comply with the parking regulations may have their vehicle towed or banned from campus. Visitors must park in Lots O, T & R.

Security Gate Procedure
All vehicles entering the Pleasantville campus between 10pm and 6am, Monday through Sunday will be stopped at the gate. All passengers must show a valid Pace or photo ID. Guests must leave their photo ID at the Security booth. It will be returned upon leaving the campus. In the event there is no personnel in the booth when leaving campus then go to the Security Office in Alumni Hall to retrieve your ID.