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Degree Works

Degree Works is a web-based academic reporting and advising tool that outlines the requirements of a particular program and the paths to complete them. It is currently only available to a select Undergraduate student population, in addition to faculty, advisors, and staff of the Pace community.

Degree Works is only accessible through the MyPace Portal for all users. Click here for important announcements regarding Degree Works upgrades.

It is strongly recommended that students meet regularly with their advisor to review the information displayed on their Degree Works report. Click here for more information on advising at Pace.


How To Utilize Degree Works to Continue Your Success at Pace University

  • Track all requirements necessary to receive your degree, based on the term you entered the University.
  • Show which courses you have taken at Pace or transferred into the University, and how they are applied towards your degree.
  • View courses that you are currently registered for (listed as in-progress or 'IP') and how they will be applied towards your degree.
  • Use the GPA Calculator to estimate your overall GPA at the end of the semester, or determine which grades are necessary to achieve a desired GPA.
  • NOW AVAILABLE: Run “What-If” degree reports to see how your academic history can be applied to a different degree/major/minor.

Departmentally Approved Degree Works Programs

Click here to see a list of programs that are currently available in Degree Works. Please be aware that programs are added on a continuous basis, so if a program is not listed at this time then check back in the future for updates.

Degree Works User Guides

Click here for the Student User Guide.

Click here for the Advisor, Faculty, and Staff User Guide.

For more information on Degree Works, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.