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Graduation and Conferral of Degrees

Application for Graduation and Diploma

All Undergraduate students with at least 90 credits and Graduate students with at least 18 credits, are required to file a Application for Graduation and Diploma (AGD) Form to receive a Degree Verification or Degree Works notification. Students completing graduate programs in excess of 30 credits should only apply as they near completion of their program.

With this paperless form you will be able to verify how your name will be presented on the diploma, graduation date, program information, and diploma mailing address among other items. It is required that you file the form by the following deadlines to ensure that the updates are processed in a timely manner that coincides with your graduation term.

Submitting your Application for Graduation and Diploma does not guarantee that you are eligible to cross the stage at Commencement. You must have 12 or fewer credits left by the end of Spring 2023 and complete those credits by the end of Summer 2023 in order to cross the stage at Commencement on May, 2023. If you have credits left to complete in Fall 2023, you are not eligible to cross the stage at Commencement 2023.

Graduation Class Filing Dates (AGD Form)

  • December, 2022: October 31, 2022*; Please file immediately
  • May, 2023: March 13, 2023*
  • August, 2023: July 20, 2023*
  • December, 2023: October 13, 2023*

*Dates subject to change

Readiness for Graduation

The Office of the Registrar conducts the final review of degree candidates' academic records to verify that all are on track to graduate. The degree verifier will check every course record and every detail in the permanent student academic record to make sure all the degree requirements are met, minimum grade point averages have been achieved, and that enough total credits have been completed to award a degree.

Degree Verification/Degree Works notifications are sent by email to each candidate's Pace assigned student email address upon completion of the review. Any discrepancies should be addressed to the degree verifier and your academic advisor immediately to prevent a delay in conferring the degree.

Reasons That Will Delay The Degree Verification

  • Missing waiver/substitution forms
  • Missing declaration of major or minor
  • Unresolved Incomplete or In-Progress courses (missing grades)
  • Missing final official transcripts (with grades) for courses taken off-campus (i.e. study abroad, permission to register at another institution)

Please note: A degree verification is a confirmation that all program requirements have been completed. To determine what classes are needed in order to graduate, view your Degree Works report and make an appointment to meet with the professional advisor in their school/area. Professional advisors have access to academic program worksheets and Degree Works, as well as individual academic histories, and can guide students towards the completion of program requirements.

Conferral Versus Commencement

The precise dates are announced each year. “Conferral” means that the University Registrar posts a notation of the award of a degree in our academic record-keeping system. For most purposes, the terms “graduation” and “conferral of a degree” are synonymous. “Commencement,” however, is another matter.


The University has commencement ceremonies in May of every year. If you’re planning to attend your campus’ commencement exercise, please visit the commencement website.

Information on caps, gowns, ticket distribution, award ceremonies and receptions, and the commencement checklist is available on the Commencement site. You must register for the ceremony before March in order to participate.

Please note: Participation in commencement ceremonies does not mean all degree requirements have been met.

Conferral of Degrees

Degrees are conferred upon members of the graduating class one at a time, after the final grades are posted for the final degree requirements of each student’s academic program. Pace is committed to conferring degrees within two weeks of the conferral date, provided that ALL outstanding grades and requirements have been submitted.

Pace confers degrees three times per year. The date of conferral that appears on the transcript is relevant to the term in which the final grade was posted.

  • May degree date: Last date of the Spring semester
  • August degree date: Last date of the Summer II semester
  • December degree date: Last date of the Fall semester

Please note: Degrees are conferred in batches in the order they were received, with one exception: priority is given to those with pending urgent transcript requests for licensing board examinations, employment-related matters, and professional certifications.